Man arrested with drugs after shoplifting incident

JONESBORO, Ark. – After a suspect tried shoplifting from Walmart, the police report says a was arrested with and said he was on meth.

Just after midnight Monday, Jonesboro Police Department was dispatched to Walmart on Highland Drive where Walmart employees said a man attempted to shoplift from the store but they stopped him.

Employees said the man then went to the parking lot and began walking around it. He tried getting into one of the vehicles before another man confronted him, seemingly scaring him away.

GetPhoto (4).jpgPolice arrived on the scene and ran the individuals on the scene through dispatch, learning John W. Catt, 33, of Conway, was on parole. He was searched and a box was found, with marijuana and meth inside.

Catt faces charges of felony possession of meth, misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and misdemeanor delivery or manufacture of counterfeit substance.

Walmart employees did not wish to press shoplifting charges, although the report is not clear that Catt was the suspect of that incident.

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