18-year-old begs for help on Facebook – then goes missing; found

JONESBORO, Ark. – A Jonesboro girl who was reported missing has contacted the family to say she is OK.

Aaleigha Brown, 18, of Jonesboro, is a white female who went to Memphis for the new year festivities. She contacted her aunt on Saturday, Dec. 31, to let her know she was alright. Something seemed off about the call to the aunt.

Brown then spoke with her father briefly on Sunday. He reported she sounded “drugged or messed up and acted as though she could not stay on the phone long,” the police report says.

On Monday morning, several messages on Facebook sent by Brown to her aunt and the aunt’s husband seemed to confirm the situation was not good. 

“Call the police, track my phone,” a message from Brown to her aunt said.

“Call the police, Mississippi,” a message from Brown to her aunt’s husband then said.

Brown is believed to have fallen in with a bad crowd in Memphis and possibly landed in some kind of trouble. It was indicated to the aunt she may be on N. McNeil Street in Memphis.

Police were able to see Brown had interacted with someone named “Boogyman Da Shooter,” on Facebook, a Memphis resident who showed to work at Danvers on McNeil Street. Management at the store said he did not work there and he did not recognize the pic. He may also be named “Quan Wright.”

Following the story being shared to over 15,000 people VIA NEA Report’s Facebook page, Brown contacted JPD and her family and said she was alright.

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