Sex offender arrested for failing to register

JONESBORO, Ark. – Arkansas state law does not mince words for sex offenders who fail to register changes in address and an offender found out authorities don’t play around about the issue, either.

Kirby Allen Wade, 32, of Jonesboro, was arrested on Nov. 29 and released on Dec. 5. However, he never provided Jonesboro police with his new contact information after being released. On Dec. 9, police tried finding Wade at the 100-block of North Bridge Street, where he had said he was still staying, but the residents said he had not been seen since before his arrest.

Police tried to call him on Dec. 15, but received no response.

On Dec. 22, Wade was arrested on a probation violation – reportedly living in the county. Police said in a report he never attempted to register his new address 10 days before he moved.

jpdpolice3Pursuant to 12-12-904, Arkansas state law requires the offender to report any changes in residence, mailing address, temporary domicile, employment, email, social network information IN person to the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction at that time of the change. When changing residence/mailing address or temporary domicile, this must be done no later than ten (10) days before the offender establishes residence or temporary domicile unless otherwise indicated such as eviction or natural disaster.

When changing address within the state of Arkansas the offender must also report to the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction at the new address within three (3) days after relocating to the new address. If the offender moves here from another state and is required or has been required to register in the other state, the offender must report to the jurisdiction law enforcement agency any residency or temporary domicile in which you will be residing for an aggregate of five (5) or more consecutive days during a calendar year.

Other than a change of address, an offender shall report a change of any other information required to the local law enforcement agency having jurisdiction within ten (10) days of the change, the JPD report said.

Wade is currently in Craighead County Detention Center.

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