Son of accused murderer arrested for meth, theft

PARAGOULD, Ark. – There are now two Charles Quintana’s in jail – one facing charges including capital murder and after Tuesday night, his son of the same name, who faces drug and theft charges.

Charles Samuel Quintana Jr., 27, of Paragould, is behind bars on multiple charges, Greene County Sheriff’s Department reports.

His father, Charles Quintana Sr., is facing charges for allegedly organizing a murder-for-hire plot to kill his estranged wife, Stacy Quintana.

According to the incident report, Deputy Anthony Ganus and Deputy Pete Higdon were on routine patrol when a blue GMC truck with inactive license tags turned in front of him. With the suspect vehicle displaying erratic behavior and the driver watching the officers, the deputies initiated a traffic stop.

While Ganus approached, he noticed Quintana appeared very nervous. “He was unable to sit still in his seat, shifted from side to side, and kept turning away from me,” Ganus wrote in the report. He even found time to light a cigarette before handing his ID over to authorities.

Once Quintana’s ID was checked, it was learned he had a failure to appear warrant with the City of Paragould. He was arrested immediately.

At this time, officers noticed in plain view two morphine pills in the driver’s floor. The other occupants of the vehicle were removed and a search was conducted. In the center console, a small plastic bag of crystal methamphetamine was found. The bag reportedly weighed 0.6 grams.

The vehicle was also determined to be reported stolen through the GCSD.

Quintana was taken to Greene County Jail and faces charges including possession of methamphetamine, possession of a schedule II controlled substance, theft by receiving and fictitious vehicle license.

The other occupants of the vehicle were also arrested and taken to jail for possession of methamphetamine, since none of the vehicle’s occupants would take ownership of the recovered drugs.

Photo: Quintana Jr. Source: Greene County Sheriff’s Department

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