No license plates leads to meth arrest

PARAGOULD, Ark. – A man found himself in jail facing charges, including one for meth, and it all began because he didn’t have license plates.

Greene County Sheriff’s Department deputy Mike Wess was on patrol Monday when he noticed a silver Pontiac sedan with no license plates traveling westbound on West Kingshighway in Paragould. He pulled the vehicle over and asked the driver about it. The driver, Casey Allen Oost, 26, of Marmaduke, said he had just bought the car the day before and had not even had time to get the vehicle insured.

While the deputy checked his driver’s license, his watchful eye picked up on the driver appearing to conceal something in the driver’s seat, between the console. He then asked Oost to step out of the vehicle, the report said.

Wess reported getting permission from Oost to search the vehicle and then found a silver key with a small silver screw-top container. Once he opened it, he found .3 grams of suspected methamphetamine inside of a corner cut baggie.

Oost was arrested and read his Miranda rights. He faces charges including possession of meth, a felony, and no proof of liability insurance.


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