Walnut Ridge coffee shop with a Jedi twist

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – There are some especially neat offerings in Northeast Arkansas and we want to highlight some of them you may never have known about but wouldn’t mind taking a short road-trip at home to enjoy!

One of those is called The Dark Side, on Abbey Road, just off of Main Street, in Walnut Ridge. Like the name would make you think, it is based on “Star Wars,” the series of George Lucas-authored sci-fi movies which have existed from the 1970s to this very day, with The Force Awakens being the latest incantation released in 2015.

The Dark Side is actually combined with Arts and Culture, a frozen yogurt offering with a delightfully decorated store of its own. However, the Star Wars stuff is spilling over into it as well, as the photos taken July 17 show.

Not to let the current trends be left behind, there is even a welcome specifically for Pokemon GO players.

The menu is not just themed for Star Wars, though. With the local Beatles history and yearly celebration, many of the offerings are inspired by the Fab Four, too.

Check out the unique twist on coffee and culture or take a trip and visit it, soon.

Photos taken by Stan Morris | NEA Report. 

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