A/C vandals at it again

JONESBORO, Ark. – Vandals remain intent on taking apart air conditioner units across Northeast Arkansas to get copper and sell it but Tuesday night, at least one may have gotten cold feet before he could get his prize.

A homeowner contacted police on the 1200-block of South Madison Avenue in reference to a five ton A/C unit. Officers arrived to speak with the man, who said he was preparing the unit for sale when he learned of the mischief.

The man noticed the A/C wasn’t working and tried flipping breakers, according to the report. When he went outside, he noticed the metal exterior had been removed, exposing the copper coils inside. However, none of the copper coils appeared to have been removed.

Plans were for repair staff to verify none of the coils were tampered with or removed, but incidents like this have occurred all summer across Northeast Arkansas, with some arrests occurring and other cases still being investigated.

The suspects could face criminal mischief charges.

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