Reports of dogs in hot cars continue


JONESBORO, Ark. – With the temperature hotter than any other week of the year, one would hope pet owners would remember their four-legged friends now more than ever.

Several incidents show some still aren’t thinking about their dog’s well-being.

Several incidents have occurred in July in Jonesboro with pet owners leaving their dogs in the car while going inside somewhere to handle business.

Police were paged to Fuji Japanese Steakhouse on Tuesday afternoon to find a 6-week-old puppy “panting heavily” inside of a vehicle. The officer had management page the vehicle’s driver, who was a female, 25, of Pocahontas, who said she had borrowed her mother’s car to pick up the puppy and decided on the way home, to stop and get food.

The officer said the seat the puppy was on was 113 degrees and the inside of the truck was 116 degrees. The woman was cited for animal cruelty.

A similar incident occurred July 1 at Walmart on Highland Drive in Jonesboro, when police were paged to find a dog in a car with the windows down about an inch. According to the report, infrared thermometer readings showed 108 degrees of heat inside of the vehicle. The owner, female, 29, was paged back to her vehicle, which she left abandoned for at least 30 minutes with the officer present, the report said. She was cited for animal cruelty and no state rabies ticket.

Both these two suspects will be in court July 27.

According to, on a 78-degree day, a parked vehicle’s temperature reach between 100 and 120 degrees in just minutes. On days like this week, with temperature across Northeast Arkansas reaching 90-degrees, the interior temperature can reach as high as 160 degrees in less than 10 minutes.

Another scary statistic PETA’s article reports is that animals can suffer permanent brain damage in as little as 15 minutes from these conditions.

In June, Jonesboro Animal Control’s Larry Rogers described as a horribly painful experience for the animal.

“It’s a brutal, agonizing death for the animal,” Rogers said.


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