Man learns of identity fraud from collector

JONESBORO, Ark. – You might expect to remember opening a credit card account up but when one man received a collection notice in the mail, he couldn’t remember anything to do with it.

It was because someone had opened accounts in his name.

The complainant notified Jonesboro police Tuesday of two credit card accounts opened in his name without any knowledge or authorization. The man received collection notices, he said, on an account he is not familiar with. When he checked his credit report, he learned of not one – but two accounts he had never seen.

One was an American Express card with a balance of $1,800 and another was a Capital One card with a balance of $1,091. The man made a written statement in which he said he had no idea how the charges could have been made to his account and that he never gave authorization for it to take place.

Police do not have any suspects in the case. Financial identity fraud is a felony.

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