AC thieves strike in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – The temperature is hot and many air conditioners are running at their maximum capacity, but when a girl went to move into a rental house Saturday in Jonesboro, cold air wasn’t an option.

The air conditioning unit outside had been stolen. 

A two and a half ton Heil or Tempstar (owner wasn’t sure) central heat and air unit was reported taken from a home at the 2000 block of Vail Drive. The unit, a rental, was being moved into by the owner’s daughter. The owner reported it stolen between Tuesday the 21st and Saturday the 25th.

It could cost as much as $3,500 to replace.

On June 22, a homeowner at the 1400-block of West Huntington Avenue reported two central air units stolen from his rental property. The suspects made entry through the back west window, the officer observed. There was shattered glass inside and outside the residence.

Thieves often steal the units valued at several thousand dollars to strip copper from the inside, selling it to a salvage lot for a few hundred dollars while leaving the homeowner to pay a bill exorbitantly higher. However, many crooks don’t realize salvage yards keep detailed records on the purchases they make of these types of materials. In essence, when the criminal tries to sell the material, they may in effect turn themselves in.

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