Several up for condemnation at June 20 Walnut Ridge City Council meeting


WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. – The city council agenda for Monday, June 20th’s meeting includes several condemnation items and a lien to potentially be placed on a torn-down property.

One of those properties is on U.S. 67 North, owned by the sisters of former Mayor JR Rogers. However, Rogers has claimed responsibility for the properties in previous interviews. In a June 2 meeting of the City of Walnut Ridge Planning Commission, Rogers’ building plans were rejected.

The city had previously issued a stop work order on repair work being done to the property by Rogers.

Building plans were also rejected at the June 2 meeting for the property located at 121 SE Front, owned by Jim Jansen. It is also up for condemnation at the meeting.

Mayor Charles Snapp says a representative from both properties will be at Monday’s meeting.

There will also be an ordinance for new wards for the College City consolidation.

June 20, 2016
6:00 p.m. Police Complex


Call to Order
Approval of Minutes (May 16, 2016)
Financial Reports
Approval of Bills


Resolution to Condemn Hwy 67 N Property (reference planning commission minutes for details)
Resolution to Condemn Krepps Building (reference planning commission minutes for details)
Resolution to Condemn Jansen Building (reference planning commission minutes for details)
Resolution to place lien on property at 904 SE 2nd Street This was a residential property torn down earlier this year. Council will vote to put a lien on property, or not.
Ordinance to Rezone 3610 Hwy 67N from A-1 to C-3 (reference planning commission minutes for details)
Resolution amending Comprehensive Plan for 3610 Hwy 67N
Ordinance to Rezone property on Midway Road from A-1 to R-1 (reference planning commission minutes for details)
Resolution amending Comprehensive Plan for Midway Road
Ordinance for new wards I have hired James Walden with Garver and associates to draw up three proposals for the new wards that show College City as a part of Walnut Ridge. James worked on the updating the City plan in 2014.
Resident “invisible” fences – discussion only Research Invisible Fence. We have one in use in Walnut Ridge and there is a debate to determine if it meets the safety qualifications for animals and pedestrians under the current regulation.
Proposed Ordinance for Solicitors – discussion only This topic was brought up months ago, resulting from a an out of state firm want to sell alarm systems door to door in Walnut Ridge. No action was taken.
The following minutes from the June Planning Commission meeting will provide answers and insight to some of the topics listed above.

City of Walnut Ridge
Planning Commission
Minutes of Meeting
June 2, 2016

A meeting of the Planning Commission was held on June 2, 201 at 6 o’clock at the Walnut Ridge Fire Station with the following commissioners and guests in attendance:
David Coker Dale Leatherman Roger Duckworth Vickie Mitchell
Roger Swindle Mike Shelton Frank Owens Corey Rice
Chairman Coker opened the meeting and called for a reading of the minutes of the April 14, 2016 meeting. Roger Swindle made a motion to approve the minutes David Coker seconded, and motion carried.
First order of business was a rezoning request submitted by Corey Rice to rezone property, located at 3610 Highway 67N, from A1 to C3 to use the property to sell new and used farm equipment. Corey stated that he will make the property more appealing. Roger Duckworth made a motion to recommend rezoning from A1 to C3 to the City Council, Vickie Mitchell seconded, and motion carried.
Secondly, Larry King requested six lots on Midway Road be rezoned from A1 to R1. His intentions are to develop a subdivision. After extensive discussion, the commission requested that any future developments are to be presented prior to development. Roger Duckworth made a motion to approve the rezoning of six lots, Roger Swindle seconded and motion carried.
Discussion about physically posting signs on property, when rezoning is publicized, resulted in Frank stating that we only have a limited number of signs available. David made a recommendation that Mayor Snapp purchase additional signs.
Frank requested that the ordinance stating that construction be required to be 2’ about the base flood elevation (BFE) to 1’ foot above. After much discussion, the commission recommended referring this to the City Attorney to send a letter to FEMA asking why the 2’ elevation is required.
The property located across from the old truck stop on Highway 67N, owned by Wanda Thornton and Louise Sifford was discussed. After review of the building plan, submitted by JR Rogers, the commission agreed to revoke based on not meeting certificate of occupancy, upon motion by Roger Swindle and seconded by Roger Duckworth.
The building plans for the property located at 121 SE Front, owned by Jim Jansen, were discussed. After review, Mike Shelton made a motion to reject plans, Roger Duckworth seconded, and motion carried.
Roger Swindle stated that the commission needs to look at signs on property, such as leaving signs up after the business is closed or the name is changed and also the number of signs on the outside of businesses. His recommendation was to have a limit to 2-3 signs per business. David requested that he make a formal recommendation for the commissioners to review and bring to the next meeting.
Roger Swindle also recommended that structures always be built with street frontage.
Next meeting will be held on Thursday, July 7, 2016.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

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