Suspect Faces Multiple Charges After Alleged Walmart Shoplifting and Fight with Police

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JONESBORO, Ark. – A suspect is facing a list of charges after he reportedly shoplifted from Walmart and fought with police while they arrested him.

It began around 3:29 PM on November 10 at Walmart, 1815 E. Highland Drive in Jonesboro, according to the incident report. Officer Issa Orday was among those dispatched to a shoplifting call. Walmart advised that the suspect fled on foot east on Highland Drive. Although the officer didn’t immediately see the suspect, he did locate him a short time later at Highland and Caraway Road. The officer parked and told the suspect not to move, but he didn’t comply.

The report says as the officer approached the suspect to place him into custody, he forcefully pulled away and struck the officer on the left side of the shoulder. The man then began to flee with the officer giving chase. Eventually, he caught up with the suspect in an auto tire shop parking lot, where the suspect fell to the ground. The officer told him multiple times to turn over and put his hands behind his back, but he refused.

The officer went hands-on to attempt to place the man in cuffs, but the report says the suspect rolled over, throwing multiple strikes while trying to get away. The officer told the man he would be tased if he didn’t comply, but the suspect began to stand up and flee once more. The taser caused the desired effect of a full body-lockup, and the responding officers arrested the man.

Machalen J. Reynolds, 26, no address given, was arrested on charges including theft, assault, resisting arrest, and fleeing. An initial felony battery charge was reduced by a detective to assault due to the officer not sustaining any injuries. Reynolds also had warrants for failure to pay fines and failure to appear in court.

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