Traffic Stop in Jonesboro Leads to Drug-Related Arrests

JONESBORO, Ark. – A traffic stop for erratic driving in Jonesboro this week resulted in the arrest of two individuals on drug-related charges.

The incident occurred between approximately 1:00 AM and 2:00 AM on November 7 near the intersection of S. Stadium and Rook Road. Officer Adam Butler, traveling north on S. Stadium, noticed a silver passenger car in front of him driving at an unusually slow pace. The officer reported observing the vehicle crossing left of the center line and then veering right beyond the fog line on the right side of the road. The vehicle continued to cross the center line and fog line multiple times.

Officer Butler initiated a traffic stop, commencing an investigation that led to the arrest of James Elisha Starr, 23, a resident of Jonesboro, and Lacey Brooke Baker, 30, hailing from West Memphis. According to the police report, the officer discovered three used needles with traces of blood and a used naloxone package in Starr’s possession. In Baker’s belongings, the officer found a small container containing a white substance that tested positive for methamphetamine. Additionally, Baker had six needles, five of which remained unopened.

Furthermore, authorities found four debit/credit cards belonging to three different individuals who were not present in the vehicle during the stop. Police also found three clear syringes with fluid that field tested positive for methamphetamine and 21 new Naloxone strips in the car. The confiscated property, along with the drugs and suspected paraphernalia, was logged into evidence.

Both Starr and Baker now face charges that include possession of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a Schedule III substance, and tampering with evidence, all classified as felonies. Jail records indicate that Baker is also being held on a parole violation.

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