Woman Arrested in Jonesboro Stabbing Incident

JONESBORO, Ark. – Jonesboro police had a busy Monday, which included responding to a stabbing incident earlier in the day.

The investigation began when officers were dispatched to a local hospital in response to a suspect who had sustained a stab wound. Subsequently, the officers were able to identify and secure the crime scene.

The reported stabbing incident allegedly occurred at around 8 AM on October 16, in the 1000-block of North Patrick Street. According to the police report, a 38-year-old male suffered a laceration to the left side of his neck during the altercation. It was revealed that the argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend had escalated into an act of domestic violence, leaving the male victim with not only the neck laceration but also a large bruise on his left shoulder, as well as scratches on his chest and back.

Authorities arrested 36-year-old Shavarra L. Grey of Jonesboro in connection with the incident. She is facing a felony charge of second-degree domestic battering.

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