Jonesboro Police on the Hunt for Suspect After Stolen Vehicle Recovered

JONESBORO, Ark. — A Paragould man had his car stolen and subsequently wrecked on Friday in Jonesboro, and law enforcement is now looking for the suspect responsible.

The incident unfolded at 6:31 PM on October 6 in the 3700-block of East Highland Drive, where police were dispatched following reports of a stolen vehicle. Upon arrival, the officer observed a vehicle matching the stolen vehicle’s description, a black 2014 Kia Optima, leaving the scene, with the victim pointing it out to the officer.

A pursuit commenced with the stolen vehicle. However, the suspect accelerated and disregarded the lights and siren. The suspect proceeded east on Highland, making a sharp right turn to cross the Watts Street overpass. At Watts and Griffin, the suspect ran a stop sign and continued west on Griffin Street at a high speed. While attempting to make a right turn onto Cain Street, the suspect ended up in a ditch due to their excessive speed.

The suspect abandoned the vehicle and fled westbound from Cain Street. Despite the officer’s attempts to pursue, the suspect managed to elude capture. The suspect was described as a black male wearing a black shirt and black du-rag.

The stolen vehicle, after being wrecked in a ditch, has been recovered and placed on hold by authorities for evidence processing in a felony case.

In a subsequent conversation with the owner, it was confirmed that the keys had been left in the car, and the vehicle was unlocked.

The suspect now faces charges including felony theft of a vehicle and fleeing, as well as charges related to reckless driving and other traffic violations. Authorities are actively seeking leads in this ongoing case.

If you have any information or tips regarding this incident, please contact JPD.

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