Young Girls Accused of Threatening Boy with Knife Over School Bus Comment

JONESBORO, Ark. – Two young girls have been accused of brandishing a knife and threatening a young boy at his residence following tensions arising from a comment made on a school bus.

The unsettling incident was reported to the police this week but occurred on September 30 at the 4700-block of Peter Trail. There had been ongoing issues between the girls and the boy, who resided at the mentioned location. The conflict escalated when someone allegedly made a comment about “slapping” one of the young girls’ mothers. The male juvenile victim claimed he didn’t make the comment, but the suspects overheard it and believed he did.

Around 6:06 PM on September 30, the 11 and 12-year-old girls arrived at the 4700-block of Peter Trail on foot and approached the boy’s residence. They asked the boy to meet them at the park, but soon after, one of the girls produced a knife. In response to a threat from one of the girls to produce a gun, the boy fled inside the house. The incident was reportedly captured on home security footage.

Detectives have forwarded the case to the juvenile division for further action.

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