Jonesboro Woman Avoids Scam Involving Fraudulent Check for Cleaning

JONESBORO, Ark. – A Jonesboro woman recently avoided falling victim to a scam in which a fraudster attempted to engage her in cleaning a house with a fake check.

The incident was reported to the Jonesboro Police Department on September 30. According to the victim, a local business owner, she had been contacted via Yelp with a job offer to clean a house located at the 1200-block of Holly Street, with a promised payment of approximately $5,000 for the work. Suspicious of the offer, the 27-year-old woman inquired if it was a scam. The suspect, who identified himself as “John Coes,” insisted that it was a legitimate opportunity.

However, the victim’s suspicions were confirmed when she received a check for $5,840, which was later determined to be fraudulent by her bank. Following the bank’s advice, she reported the incident to the police department.

Subsequently, the victim was unable to contact the individual claiming to be “John Coes” and believes that the person had attempted to scam her.

Since no monetary loss occurred, police closed the case Monday.

Nevertheless, the information may prove valuable in other investigations or serve as a warning to potential future victims.

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