Traffic Stop in Jonesboro Leads to Arrest for Methamphetamine Possession with Intent to Deliver

JONESBORO, Ark. – A traffic stop for unconfirmed insurance and a badly damaged windshield ended with an arrest for possession of meth or cocaine with the purpose to deliver last week in Jonesboro.

It happened around 4 PM on September 14 near Stadium and Prosperity when Officer Zachary Nead made a traffic stop on a passenger car for unconfirmed insurance and a windshield that was “damaged badly.” All three occupants of the vehicle told police they were “on paper,” meaning the vehicle was going to be searched (those on probation or parole do not get a choice).

As one of the individuals exited the vehicle and moved to the front of the patrol car, Officer Nead noticed him turn away with both hands near his chest, “obviously tampering with something,” the officer noted in his report. The officer placed him in handcuffs and recovered one clear baggie with three smaller clear baggies containing various amounts of suspected meth. In total, 2.6 grams of meth were found in three baggies.

Travis Smith, 43, of Jonesboro, was arrested for possession of meth with the intent to deliver less than 2 grams and tampering with physical evidence.

The other two who were “on paper” were detained during the search, then released.

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