Late-Night Shootout Among Suspects Rocks Jonesboro Neighborhood

JONESBORO, Ark. – A dramatic shootout involving two suspects took place last Thursday night in Jonesboro.

The incident unfolded around 9:45 PM on September 14 in the 600-block of E. Roseclair, according to the police report. Numerous officers responded to the area following multiple reports of shots fired.

The report says that two suspects engaged in a shootout, although the exact cause remains unclear. One of the suspects was firing a .40 caliber weapon, while the other was firing 300 blackout rounds, as stated in the report. Law enforcement recovered four 300 blackout casings and three spent .40 caliber casings at the scene.

Gunfire damaged two vehicles during the exchange. One vehicle sustained a bullet hole in the passenger-side quarter panel near the tail end, while another vehicle had a bullet penetrate the front driver side. Additionally, a residence was also damaged, with a bullet piercing the front window and causing further damage to a living room wall. The report did not mention any injuries.

Officers remained on the scene, conducting investigations into the early morning hours of Friday, September 15. However, no arrests were reported in the version of the report released late last week.

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