Police in Jonesboro Kept Busy Investigating Forgery and Fraud Cases Last Week

JONESBORO, Ark. – Law enforcement officers in Jonesboro had a busy week as they delved into a range of forgery and fraud cases.

One incident that drew attention occurred at Farmers and Merchants Bank, located at 400 East Highland Drive. According to a report spanning from September 5 to September 13, a suspect successfully cashed a forged check purportedly from Riceland, amounting to $2,176.87. The report identifies the suspect as a 35-year-old male.

On September 13, another noteworthy incident unfolded when a suspect allegedly used a social security number to establish a billing account with Summit Utilities. This came to light when a Jonesboro resident received bills from the company for an address not associated with her.

Centennial Bank also fell victim to forgery, as detailed in a report. Between August 30 and August 31, the report indicates that a 37-year-old white female allegedly forged a check worth $4,819.73. Police are actively investigating this case.

Another incident of alleged forgery, reported on the same day, involved a suspect accused of forging a $2,472.50 check from The Body Shop Auto & Recovery. This incident is said to have transpired between June 23 and September 13.

Later in the day on September 13, another similar incident occurred when suspects entered Barton’s Lumber Company bearing a forged check amounting to $3,635.48. Three suspects include one female, aged 44, and two male individuals whose ages remain unknown at this time.

Most of these cases were investigated for second degree forgery, a Class C felony in Arkansas punishable by a minimum of three years incarceration.

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