Local Resident Falls Victim to Deceptive Sales Tactics at Lowe’s

JONESBORO, Ark. – A Jonesboro resident recently found themselves the target of a deceptive sales scheme while shopping at Lowe’s in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

The incident involved an individual who presented himself as Joshua Frank, claiming to be a technician installing equipment in the area, the report filed with the Jonesboro Police Department said.

According to the victim’s account, Joshua Frank approached them and offered to sell equipment, including an extra protector and screen, for the sum of $2000. Frank allegedly asserted that these items were worth $4000 and proceeded to provide an elaborate explanation of their superior quality and features. Believing the sales pitch, the victim purchased the equipment and issued a $2000 check as payment. Frank provided a receipt and business cards as part of the transaction.

Upon closer inspection, the victim discovered that the products received were vastly different from what had been promised and significantly undervalued. Feeling deceived, the victim attempted to contact Joshua Frank multiple times in an effort to seek a resolution. Frank allegedly agreed to meet and refund the money but failed to follow through, subsequently disappearing from contact.

Further investigation by the victim into Joshua Frank’s activities revealed that he has allegedly engaged in similar fraudulent activities in the area, misrepresenting his products to unsuspecting victims. The items received by the victim in this case were identified as a Motiv M8K Android Smart Projector and an 8K Custom Cut Screen.

The report says Frank is purportedly associated with Deep East Texas Sound Vision. The individual was accompanied by another man. They were in a green Ford Expedition with Florida tags.

The case was referred to civil court and closed as a criminal matter, the report said.

Similar scams have been reported regarding this company before.

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