Truck Trailer Stolen in Jonesboro, Another Left in Its Place

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

JONESBORO, Ark. – A truck driver was surprised to learn that his trailer was stolen recently in Jonesboro.

It was reported on the morning of September 1 at the 8400-block of CW Post Road. The truck driver said he had dropped off the trailer on Wednesday, August 30. By the next day, when another employee went to pick the trailer up, it was no longer on the property.

The trailer was a 2009 Timpte Hopper Bottom trailer with high slides, white in color and a new handle on the rear for the tarp.

Curiously, although the trailer was gone, another trailer had been left in its place, leaving the victim wondering if someone had taken his by accident, or if it was on purpose. The victim told police that that there had been instances in the past of trailers getting picked up by the wrong customer due to drivers not being familiar.

The case is inactive pending additional leads.

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