Alligator Spotted Floating in Paragould’s Reynolds Park

Photo source: Victoria Hope Head, via Facebook

PARAGOULD, Ark. – Locals got a surprise in the past few days when an alligator was seen at Reynolds Park in Paragould.

A resident’s social media post showcased the reptile, which, while small, was unmistakable.

The Paragould Parks Department responded promptly to the unusual sighting. In a statement, they mentioned, “Recently it was brought to our attention by a park patron that there was what appeared to be a small alligator in Reynolds Lake.”

The Arkansas Game and Fish (AG&F) department was alerted to inspect the site. After a visit to Reynolds Park, they confirmed the presence of the reptile. The AG&F is currently working on trapping the alligator to ensure its safe relocation.

In the meantime, the Parks Department advises park-goers to be cautious. “We ask all patrons to be aware of the traps and keep an eye out for the alligator,” their statement read.

The incident serves as a reminder for residents to always remain alert in natural settings and to promptly report any unusual wildlife encounters to local authorities.

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