Suspect arrested after shots fired at residence

BROOKLAND, Ark. – A suspect was arrested early Thursday in Craighead County after gunshots were fired in what police described as a terroristic act.

The report released by JPD says that the incident began with shots fired at a residence on Brookland Street in Brookland. A report from Region 8 News says the shooting happened around 4:15 AM. Authorities were dispatched. No injuries were reported.

The incident report from JPD says the arrest happened a short time later at the intersection of East Highland Drive and Great Dane Drive. Numerous Jonesboro officers were listed in the report, as would be expected in a felony traffic stop.

Tewon Jeremie Anthony, 34, of Trumann, was arrested in the incident. He was booked into the jail at 5:41 AM, jail records show, on charges of simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms and aggravated assault on a family or household member. The incident report states that he had an automatic firearm at the time of his arrest.


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