20 years in prison for sixth DWI offense

JONESBORO, Ark. – A woman received a serious prison sentence this week after being convicted of her sixth DWI offense.

Below is the full press release from the prosecuting attorney:

A Craighead County jury convicted 38-year-old Dorletha Lasha Lambert of Driving While Intoxicated, Sixth Offense and Driving with a Suspended License. Circuit Judge Randy Philhours followed the jury’s recommendation and sentenced Lambert to 20 years’ imprisonment. Charlene Henry – Managing Deputy Prosecuting Attorney – and Kirk Lonidier – Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, prosecuted the case.

In the early morning hours of January 22, 2022, officers observed Lambert driving erratically, almost striking the rear of an officer’s vehicle. After initiating a traffic stop, officers observed Lambert smelling of intoxicants, having slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and losing her balance. Lambert refused further testing to establish her exact level of intoxication.

Lambert has five (5) Driving While Intoxicated convictions dating back to 2012.

Prosecuting Attorney Sonia Fonticiella: “I want to highlight the hard work of Managing Deputy Charlene Henry and her team. Her dedication to protecting Craighead County from people like Lambert is second to none. We are also grateful for Chief Rick Elliot and the Jonesboro Police Department for their hard work on this case.”

“The jury’s message is clear – Craighead County citizens will not tolerate people who decided to ignore the law and drive under the influence,” Fonticiella said.

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Charlene Henry added, “I would like to thank Officer’s Mason, Williams, and Williamson for their hard work and help in securing this conviction. This was not an easy case, but with their help, the jury was able to make the right decision.”

Press Release


  1. I concur 100%, but I think it should be enforced after their 3rd conviction for DUI. Should be 10 years for the 2nd and 5 years for the 1st. There is no excuse for a DUI. Maybe they don’t care about their life, but everyone else cares about theirs!!

  2. But would a White women get this much time? I think we all know the answer to that question hell no! I’m sure the jury was all white too! America for you, Land of the free unless your Black!

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