Family responds to outcome of Marshall Price investigation

PARAGOULD, Ark. – “We thought they would break it down for us but they just didn’t answer a lot of questions,” said Julian Jones, the daughter of the man who died in Greene County Jail late 2022.

Family members learned of the news on Tuesday, March 14. The investigation into the in-custody death of Marshall Price will not result in criminal charges, the prosecutor said in a press release. There were answers given Tuesday but the family still has many questions.

Family members including Julian met with the Greene County sheriff, Brad Snyder, and Second Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Sonia Fonticiella on Tuesday. Both were recently elected and took office after the death occurred.

“The prosecutor, she then told us there were no charges to be pressed,” Julian said. “There was a consensual fight on Sunday and that is what caused him to die on Wednesday.”

One family member wasn’t able to attend and family wanted to notify him of the results before they were made public. Julian said she was told she could screenshot the press release and send it to him, her brother. But by the time she and other family members of Price had left the building, the press release was in the inbox of media outlets across the area.

Family hoped to find a resolution on Tuesday but Julian said that isn’t the sentiment they walked away with.

“Nothing about yesterday was settling,” Julian said. “We came out of there more fired up. I don’t think anybody understands. And you know Stan, last night, I read these statements and it feels like hearsay.”

At least some changes will be made in the jail over the tragic death, with Julian saying she was told new cameras were installed. NEA Report reached out to Sheriff Brad Snyder, who said he would get back in touch with us about this topic. The sheriff outlined numerous changes and improvements in a statement seen here.

But there was no explanation for why it took him so long for Price to get medical care. The injuries happened around 10:53 AM, the press release said. Julian said he arrived at the medical station in the jail with 60/40 blood pressure. He was sent back to his cell with it at 82/62. At 4:30 PM, he was still asking for medical help and as we now know, dying. But jail staff decided not to call an ambulance until at least some effort was made to transport him in a department van.

Family were summoned to the hospital at 3 AM the next morning to learn Price had died, as reported here. 

Julian and the rest of the family are still pursuing legal remedies in the case. Although the criminal case seems to be settled, they’re exploring a civil rights case now.

“I really feel like this is not justice,” Julian said.


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