Two shot in Jonesboro; more info released

JONESBORO, Ark. – Even with ice covered roads, Jonesboro authorities were left piecing together what happened after two gunshot victims were reported Tuesday.

Around 4:28 pm, E911 Dispatch received a call about a possible shooting in the 1000 block of Cartwright Street, a release posted to social media said.

As officers were responding to the scene, a unit was flagged down in the 500 block of Main Street. There, officers discovered two victims with apparent gun shot wounds. 

Detectives were called to the scene on Cartwright to begin their investigation.

The police report released on Wednesday detailed more about what happened.

Between 4 PM and 4:49 PM, two victims were shot in the roadway. A woman, 34, and a male, 39, were the victims. Both projectiles were recovered from each respective victim. 

The report describes the suspect as a 28-year-old black male around 6’2″ with a slender build. His name is masked indicating authorities may know who he is. 

If you have information about this crime or any others, you are encouraged to call the Jonesboro Police Department at 870-935-5657 or CrimeStoppers of Jonesboro at 935-STOP.

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  1. There used to be no more than one or two shootings in a year in Jonesboro. Now, there’s one or two each week. Why? How about some investigative reporting on the rise in crime?

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