10 years in prison for man guilty of drug trafficking

A man was found guilty of trafficking kratom this week and sentenced to a decade in prison.

A Greene County jury Wednesday found 46-year-old Marshall Ray Price guilty of trafficking a controlled substance.

Circuit Judge Randy Philhours followed the jury’s recommendation and sentenced Price to 10 years in prison.

On May 5, 2021, Greene County Sheriff’s Deputy Heath Carter conducted a routine traffic stop of Price’s vehicle, a press release from the prosecutor said. Price consented to a search of the vehicle, and law enforcement discovered a large amount of kratom—a Schedule I controlled substance in Arkansas—inside.

Wesley Watts and Alexia Butler—deputy prosecuting attorneys—prosecuted the case for the state. Watts and Butler thanked the jury for their service and the Greene County Sheriff’s Office for their work.

Prosecuting Attorney Keith L. Chrestman praised the deputy prosecutors.

“Watts and Butler are sending a clear message: Our communities won’t tolerate drug trafficking,” Chrestman said in a release. “I’m thankful for their hard work and willingness to serve.”


  1. Wow…you all are absolutely insane out there. 10 years in prison for a product that’s only illegal in your state because a suboxone doctor didn’t want the people having a safer option. Just crazy

  2. 10 years for Kratom that is the stupidest thing I have heard release that man Kratos does not affect you like drugs do its a tea that helps from withdrawals off of the real drugs and I take it for pain and mood stabilizer I was on some powerful pain med due to back injury and didn’t want to be hooked on the so I tried kratom and I haven’t took a pain pills since kratom is a great tea that helps with a lot of things depending on the kind you get and it’s safe and if I run out I don’t have the drug withdrawal leave kratom along it’s help alot of people

  3. A perfect example of lower government idiots carrying out the dirty work of big pharma. You’re all tools and should be ashamed of your ignorance on the matter. Kratom is a life saver.

  4. This is a gross injustice. 10 years of this man’s life ROBBED because he had some kratom? A benign herb that millions of people in the United States consume daily and without issue? What a complete and utter joke. Shame on the jury, the judge, the police officers, and the entire state of Arkansas.

  5. Wow, honestly the LEOs involved should be ashamed of this. This is some Reefer Madness levels of delusion. It’s one thing to be delusional about the nature of a particular substance, it’s another to ruin somebody’s life over it. I thought Alaska was a state of freedom, I was wrong. Absolute clowns.

  6. Great job for ruining a mans life over a mild, harmless, and clinically helpful herbal medication that’s legal almost everywhere else in the world. I’m sure the cops and prosecutors won’t lose any sleep over it. Ignorance or indifference? Probably both. Just throw another body into that criminal justice meat grinder. Really sad state of affairs.

  7. This is actually gross. I’m sure the cops and courts won’t lose a second of sleep. Ruining a person’s life over something legitimately harmless and has given so many people a higher standard of living.

    • Kratom is NOT a drug & ANYBODY that says it is is an uneducated FOOL!!! Ruin a man’s life…..a man HELPING people. It is used for pain, anxiety, mood & withdrawals!!!! You DO NOT get high on it, it is unfair to compare it to a drug!!! Big Pharma just don’t want anyone getting well or finding a natural, cheaper way to control their ailments!!!! They make money off of sick people, they’re the legal drug cartel that literally gets away with murder!!!! #KratomNation

  8. So you’d rather have your streets filled with deadly drugs from China and Mexico instead of a coffee tree leaf that doesn’t lead to overdoses. You got this whole thing wrong. You ruined someone’s life over a leaf they’re trying to grow in Florida?

  9. this is f*cking insane! I use kratom to control my fibromyalgia pain and anxiety; it DOES NOT get you high and it’s helped thousands with opiate addictions and chronic pain….glad I live in Canada and not a backwards red state of ignorance

  10. What a bunch of nutcases you must have down there for this to be carried out from the arrest, to the prosecution, to this INSANE sentence. The man had two packages of kratom, a product he purchased in Missouri for personal use, where it is legal, like in normal states. He had no prior criminal convictions. His family is apparently devastated. I found this information out very easily. Most likely, kratom helped him enough health-wise that he was willing to risk violating this stupid law. Unreal

  11. This is absolutely insane! The Kratom ban is the reason I left AR. It sent me back to addiction. That ban was done literally overnight because a methadone doctor was losing money. Kratom is not a drug!!;It should have never been banned!!! If you would like the other side of the ban please feel free to email me.

  12. I smoke weed with a friend who is involved in more than I am, and there was an investigation on me because the next day after leaving his house there were seven cop cars that pulled me over thinking I would have stuff that I don’t mess with on me, and they ransacked my SUV that I live in and they found a bag of kratom, I’m now fighting a court case that could give me 6 years in prison minimal for literally an ounce, at the time I worked two management jobs but now just the one. If this hits my record I lose my employment that’s all the hard work and effort I’ve been putting in trying to be a store manager so that I can support and start my family. Because of this I had to give a lawyer $4,000, I haven’t been able to find a place to live, I have a baby on the way and haven’t been able to prepare for that, I’m about to have court and because they think they have big dicks they’re going to try to f****** and my whole life over something that I was using to quit smoking cigarettes. Not only am I outraged, but I am so sick and tired of the law around here. I forgot that was even in my truck, I don’t know what to do I’m just phoqued

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