Poinsett County man acquitted at jury trial

HARRISBURG, ARK — Poinsett County jurors have acquitted a Harrisburg man accused of rape. 

Matthew Gunter Travis, 29, of Harrisburg was found not guilty Thursday afternoon after a two day jury trial in Poinsett County Circuit Court at Harrisburg. 

Travis had been accused of two counts of rape of a teenage female. Had he been convicted, Travis faced up to 25 years to life imprisonment on each count. 

Travis was defended by attorneys Jarrett M. Cobb and Kara L. Byars of Harrisburg. 

“My co-counsel, Ms. Byars, and I are pleased that 12 unbiased, impartial members of this community agreed with us, and found Gunter not guilty,” Cobb said. “We felt all along that the alleged victim was untruthful in the accusation and the evidence did not support the accusation at all. Justice has been served. We appreciate the time and careful consideration of the jurors.”

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