JPD: Federal charges possible for those caught with a Glock switch

The Jonesboro Police Department put out a warning Friday that criminals are modifying handguns into dangerous automatic weapons in NEA after one such weapon was recovered earlier this month in Jonesboro.

Law enforcement is warning that those who might make such changes to a gun could face federal charges.

JPD’s release specifically mentioned the “Glock switch.” According to police, a Glock switch is a device that alters a handgun to perform like a machine gun. This also makes the weapon highly inaccurate. It is illegal to buy and doing so can get you federal time, JPD said.

On the night of August 7, an officer with the Jonesboro Police Department performed a traffic stop on a vehicle at Caraway Road and Nettleton Avenue. Police say officers discovered a modified firearm with a Glock switch.

This is the first one recovered in our city; however we expect to see more of these switches. Be advised, if you are caught with a modified gun that contains a Glock switch, you MAY be prosecuted FEDERALLY, which means more time served.

The Jonesboro Police Department

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