Nine firearms reported stolen during weekend in Jonesboro

Several gun thefts have been reported recently in Jonesboro, ranging from vehicle break-ins to residential burglaries.

A report taken on Saturday indicates that around 4 to 5 AM at the 1600-block of West Oak Avenue, a vehicle was broken into and a Springfield 1911 .45 handgun stolen, along with other items. Another vehicle theft was reported in the 1700-block of West Oak Avenue during the same time frame, suggesting the suspect or suspects may have hit multiple vehicles in a row.

In a separate incident, six guns were stolen in a residential burglary reported on Sunday. The report says between 5 PM on July 16 and 1:30 PM July 17, suspects forced open a door at the 3400-block of Meador Road. Two Bulldog shotguns, two Mossberg shotguns, a Thompson semi-auto rifle and a Smith & Wesson 38 caliber revolver were all stolen. 545 rounds of .45 ammunition and 200 shotgun shells were also taken.

Yet another incident in Jonesboro involving the theft of a firearm happened during a residential burglary, this time while the victim was at home. It was reported between midnight and 3 AM on July 15 (report filed July 17). A woman said four men came into her apartment, held her down, and stole her belongings. Items stolen included a Glock 26 Gen 4, an Apple watch, a silver necklace with a photo of the victim and her grandmother, two pairs of Air Jordan shoes and other items of clothing. The report did not indicate any injury to the victim, fortunately. Her attackers face kidnapping charges in addition to the theft and burglary counts.

A vehicle break-in reported at the 300-block of Garden Manor Drive Sunday involved the theft of a firearm. The weapon stolen was a black Home Defender 12 gauge shotgun with a pistol grip.

Elsewhere in Jonesboro, a residential burglary and large theft not involving a gun was reported in the 5400-block of Southwest Drive. It was believed to have happened between July 14 and July 16. An elderly woman said suspects broke into her house and stole a medium sized safe, several diamond necklaces, and several thousand dollars in cash.

A commercial burglary was reported between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon at the 1200-block of Stone Street. Suspects forced their way into an office building and stole an estimated 300 pairs of shoes and various items of clothing. It was estimated that $30,000 worth were taken, according to the report.


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