Jonesboro man faces charges including dealing meth after parole search

A tip to the Jonesboro Police Department about vehicles showing up to an apartment late at night, staying for a few minutes, and leaving led to a felony arrest on several felony charges including possession of meth with intent to deliver.

The report says that JPD was contacted by a property manager saying in the last month since the resident moved in, several vehicles made quick stops at night they found suspicious.

Around 11 AM Friday morning, JPD Officer Bruce Wright went to the 3300-block of Richardson Drive to conduct a parole search. The report says he located three broken glass meth pipes, two used syringes, one scale, and a one-hitter to spoke marijuana. He also reportedly found 4 grams of suspected crystal meth and small amounts of other drugs.

Jimmy James, 51, of Jonesboro, was arrested. He faces several charges for possession of drugs including a possession with intent to deliver charge.

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