Capital murder charge filed against suspect in Perry County jailer murder

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A criminal charge of capital murder was filed late today against Roderick Deshawn Lewis, 37, of North Little Rock.

   Lewis was being booked into the Perry County Jail at Perryville last night on drug and paraphernalia charges when he is alleged to have shot detention officer Jeremiah Story.  The gun reportedly used by Lewis was one he possessed when he arrived at the jail in the custody of local sheriff’s deputies.

Story, 21, of Oppelo was shot about 10:20 PM while he stood inside a bathroom inside the jail where Lewis was changing out of civilian clothes into jail issued attire. Story died later at a Conway hospital.

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  Special Agents of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division are continuing their investigation.

Lewis is currently incarcerated at the Faulkner County Jail.

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Perry County Detention Officer Jeremiah Story, 21, of Oppelo (Conway County) died at a Conway hospital early today after he was shot by an inmate who was in the process of being booked into jail. The incident occurred inside the county jail at Perryville about 10:20 PM, Wednesday (June 22nd).

   Story was shot with a pistol as he stood in a bathroom where the inmate was changing out of civilian clothes into jail issued attire.

   Roderick Lewis, 37, of North Little Rock had been arrested by Perry County sheriff’s deputies earlier in the evening and was to be detained on drug and paraphernalia charges.  A witness to the shooting was able to disarm Lewis who was later transferred to the Faulkner County Detention Center at Conway while state police special agents continue their investigation.

The investigative case file being prepared by the criminal investigation division agents will be turned-over to the Perry County prosecuting attorney who will consider the appropriate charges to be filed against Lewis.

Press Release – ASP

The Arkansas State Police is investigating a shooting inside the Perry County Jail that has claimed the life of a correctional officer. The incident occurred late Wednesday night (June 22nd) in Perryville.

  State police special agents were called to the jail by local sheriff’s department authorities to begin the investigation which is continuing this morning.  The Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation is leading the probe into the circumstances of the apparent homicide.

  A 37 year-old man who was in the process of being booked into the jail after his arrest by Perry County deputies is being held in connection with the shooting.

The name of the correctional officer is being withheld at this hour during the notification of next of kin process. A follow-up news release will be distributed later Thursday morning.

Press Release – ASP

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