Courtois chosen for Sanitation Director position

Patrick Courtois, a Jonesboro resident with experience in management, has been hired as Sanitation Director, Mayor Harold Copenhaver announced during Tuesday’s City Council session.

“Patrick brings the type of leadership skills that I think will serve the residents of Jonesboro well in our Sanitation Department,” Copenhaver said.

Copenhaver praised both Ronny Stanback and Cindy Schweitzer, who have managed the department more than a year since the tragic death of former director Donny Gibson.

“We held this position open because we commissioned a thorough sanitation efficiency review, which is in its final stages,” Copenhaver said.

This City faces unique challenges, as it currently has no dedicated fee for sanitation services but absorbs the cost through its 1-percent local sale tax receipts. Trash, recycling, yard waste or incinerator and landfill services cost the City approximately $30 per household each month, which makes any efficiencies provided by the review critical to offset such a liability, Copenhaver said.

“Outside of the stress caused by holidays, our Sanitation team does a fabulous job with historically limited resources,” the mayor said. “I think with Courtois’ vision, armed with the forthcoming efficiency study, we can begin to make notable improvements.”

Courtois, who came to Jonesboro in grade school and graduated from Jonesboro High School and the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, has worked the past seven years in facilities and transport at Arkansas Early Learning.

Press Release – City of Jonesboro

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