St. Bernards Holds Public Celebration of 35th Annual National Cancer Survivors Day®

St. Bernards Cancer Center will host a free, public celebration of life, honoring cancer survivors and their caregivers and families on Sunday, June 5.

The event, coinciding with the 35th annual National Cancer Survivors Day®, recognizes cancer survivors in Northeast Arkansas while also raising awareness of their daily physical, emotional and financial challenges. St. Bernards considers any person living with a history of cancer as a survivor, from the moment of diagnosis throughout the remainder of life.

The event will be from 12 PM to 2 PM Sunday at St. Bernards Auditorium – 505 E Washington Ave., Jonesboro.

Nearly 17 million cancer survivors live in the U.S., with the number expected to grow to more than 22 million persons by 2030. One quarter of cancer survivors report a decreased quality of life due to physical problems, and 10 percent report a decreased quality of life due to emotional problems.

Nearly 40 percent of adults will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetimes.

More than two-thirds of cancer survivors have survived 5 years or more; nearly half have survived 10 or more years; nearly 20 percent have survived 20 or more years.

Cancer care in the U.S. costs patients more than $150 billion annually, with costs expected to rise in the immediate future.

Adapted from Press Release – St. Bernards


  1. Thank you for this event. I am a survivor of breast cancer and thank God every day

  2. Everbody knows StB kills more folks than it saves so anybody gets outta there alive celebrates.

  3. I am a breast cancer survivor. I eentvthrough my entire cancer journey at St. Bernards cancer center. I feel like my survival is due on part to the excellent treatment I reveived at St Bernard Cancer Treatment Center in the old building where Clopton Clinic is located. I cant say enough good things about that wondetful staff group who cared for my needs durung and after my treatments. Thamk you St Bernards Cancer Treatment staff for your excellent care. It made my journey much easier to bare. God Bless each of you. Hester Hogan.

  4. Glad some of you did well. My experience with them is nothing but friends and family tortured and sent huge bills and leaving families with funeral expenses. Guess even St. Bernards gets lucky sometimes.

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