Higher Level of Urgent Care Coming to Jonesboro

Jonesboro, Ark. – In partnership with Haag Brown Medical Holdings, NEA Baptist announces a major upgrade in services to the corner of Red Wolf Blvd. and Apache Dr. with the addition of Urgent Care PLUS, an 18,000 square foot ultra-modern facility.

The new development will feature Red Wolf Clinic Primary Care (currently known as Stadium Clinic), Outpatient Imaging services, and an Urgent Care PLUS all in one central location. The service upgrade will provide patients with easier access to a higher level of care without the need for an expensive Emergency Department visit.

As a leader in innovation and care integration, NEA Baptist will be the first in the region to offer X-Ray, CT, and Ultrasound services in an Urgent Care setting. Studies show that radiology exams are ordered in over 10% of urgent care visits. By providing these imaging services in one location, patients can receive a more convenient experience through integrated care. The new layout will also allow a more efficient process and workflow in family medicine by using an on-stage, off-stage concept creating an overall better patient experience.

“This clinic will be the first of its kind in the region and throughout our entire Baptist system. Combining innovative family medicine, outpatient imaging, and urgent care plus into one building has never been done before. As we continue to improve care for our patients, we believe this model hits all of our strategic goals for providing the right care, at the right time, at the right place, and at the right cost.” –Melanie Edens, COO at NEA Baptist

The Urgent Care PLUS facility will house state-of-the-art medical technology offering more robust on-site lab services needed to quickly diagnose and treat patients. The new construction will serve as the largest project NEA Baptist has completed in the area since the development of the main medical campus on East Johnson in 2014!

“If there was a bullseye for the best location to serve the needs of the entire Northeast Arkansas region, the corner of I-555 and Red Wolf Blvd would be it. Urgent Care PLUS will be positioned at the most strategic location in the trade area to serve the region’s medical needs.” – Joshua Brown, Haag Brown Principal

This signalized corner sits at the base of the I-555 exit onto Red Wolf Blvd. earning the attention of over 33,000 cars per day. The property is connected to multiple continued care medical businesses along Apache Drive including Southern Pharmacy, ArKids Pediatric Day Center, Arkansas Continued Care Hospital, Apache Drive Children’s Clinic, NEA Baptist Dialysis Clinic, and St. Elizabeth’s Place.

Haag Brown Medical Holdings is also developing a free-standing Southern Pharmacy just south of its current residence within the NEA Baptist Clinic – Stadium Urgent Care facility, creating individualized care facilities for both businesses. Stone Bridge Construction will work as the general contractor for both projects. A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for June 1 at 8:00 a.m. near the current NEA Baptist Clinic – Stadium Urgent Care facility at 3003 Apache Drive.


NEA Baptist Health System comprises NEA Baptist Clinic, NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital, and NEA Baptist Fowler Family Center for Cancer Care.  The 228-bed hospital offers cancer care, heart care through the Heart Center, labor and delivery services through the hospital’s Women’s Center, as well as a number of inpatient and outpatient services, emergency care, and surgical services including weight loss surgery, neurology, respiratory care, and pulmonary rehabilitation. NEA Baptist Clinic’s over 110 physicians practice in more than 35 specialties and offer a wealth of services, from pediatrics to orthopedic services.

For more information about NEA Baptist, please call 870-936-1000 or visit www.neabaptist.com.

Established in 2010 and based in Jonesboro, AR., Haag Brown Commercial Real Estate & Development is the region’s authority in commercial real estate that specializes in retail project development, tenant representation, and investment advising for commercial properties in Arkansas and surrounding states. Partners Greg Haag and Joshua Brown lead Haag Brown Commercial and their clients to success by placing clients’ needs ahead of their own while striving to excel in quality innovations and value of services in order to be a Philippians 2:4 company.

For more information about Haag Brown Commercial Real Estate & Development, please call 870.336.8000 or visit www.haagbrown.com.

Press Release – NEA Baptist Clinic

Photo courtesy Haag Brown


  1. Jonesboro needs some kind of better health care. St. Bernards has always been a hell hole but has gotten worse, much worse. They took my unconscious aunt in and beat the crap out of her from minute one, she complained (like any same person would do) and they arbitrarily sent her home to die. You can’t get any better care unless you have better, compassionate people and all St. B hires are a bunch of thugs who laugh when they make old ladies cry. She came home covered with bruises and scratches and family was present during a lot of the abuse, heard themselves the hired help calling her a liar and making fun of her. St Bernards staffed by demonic losers.

    • I don’t know if you had a chance to visit the link I posted. St. Bernards has problems, I don’t know about NEA but have heard bad things. Probably Jonesboro isn’t even the worst. But ACCH is a criminal enterprise. They LITERALLY drugged me unconscious 24/7 for over two months, telling my family I had brain damage and would never recover. Why? Google LTACH. ACCH is a special hospital that makes money warehousing patients for long periods (they are required by law to have an average patient stay of 25 days to qualify for their special (profitable) status). Luckily my family members were able to get them to withdraw the drugs long enough for them to see there was nothing wrong with me. After 68 days TIED TO A BED WITH WIRE and drugged with a number of drugs used for treating schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar disorder, etc (NEVER DIAGNOSED WITH ANY OF THESE) I am still physically disabled by neurological damage. Dr. Jeffrey Copeland, I’m talking about you. And CEO James Cox (remember the toddler who died locked in a van when you were running the now-defunct Ascent Children’s Health Services?) what do you have to say for yourself. BTW, I’ve still got almost a year under the statute of limitations. The suit will be filed in time, and you will see me in court.

      • Best of luck with your lawsuit, Stanley. Hope you can put that butcher shop out of business. I’ve never heard anything good about how St. B treats their patients. Somebody needs to make them change or go away for good!

      • We sure hope you got a really good lawyer, Stanley. DA StBernard keeps lawyers on call 24/7 cause they get sued so much. Maybe they will settle out of court so you get some $$ back anyhow, but they have been a rotten risen on the butt of Jtown too long for anybody to be able to make them straight up.

        • Thanks. It looks like I’ll be paying out of pocket. None of the big-dogs like “For the People” Morgan and Morgan won’t take it. Too complicated and no assurance of a payday. Guess they like clean cases with car wrecks and slip-and-fall. Oh well. I don’t really care about money, I just want them stopped. I’ve been in contact with several (they contacted my website at victimsofacch.org and left info) and it seems to be a serious problem. Only been open less than four years and I have a list of close to a hundred deaths (no way I can find them all) and a LOT well under a reasonable age. 40s, 50s. Talked to a lady whose twenty-something (not gonna give exact age in public) son died after they ‘treated’ him and sent him home, next day back to NEA hospital, but he died. I’m still somewhat young and have a family taking care of me. Hate to think of all the elderly and people without anyone to help. And there is no question of insurance fraud (there’s a special category called LTACH fraud for hospitals like this) when they had me in there for maybe two weeks of physical therapy and kept me almost three months, drugged unconscious 90% of the time, telling my family I was brain-damaged. I’m lucky to be alive. Anyway, guess it’ll be a lonely fight, but it has to be done.

      • Hi Stanley,

        My family and I sadly had a similar experience to yours and we were hoping to get in touch with you to ask some questions. We are in desperate need for answer and would love to talk with you. Please respond if this is ok.

        • Thanks Karissa. I’ve been trying to contact other victims and am working to get something done. There are a lot. I have a website victimsofacch.org with a secure contact page. It’s being revised but the contact page is working. I’m the only one who sees the data. If you leave a message there I’ll get in touch with you.


    • The bad thing, they’re getting away with murder. Literally. You should see the body count I have for this place, open less than four years. Young people, 40s and 50s, some younger. Talked to one lady, she contacted me on the website victimsofacch.org and told me about her son (younger than 40 even) who was ‘treated’ there and sent home, next day had to be taken to NEA, and later died. It’ll probably be a lonely fight, and I may lose, but someone has to do something.

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