Craighead County deputies arrest meth trafficking suspect after reported gunfire

A large amount of suspected crystal methamphetamine was taken out of circulation this week in Craighead County from what began as a shots heard call in the county.

Just before 10:30 PM Tuesday night, deputies responded to a shots heard call at the 3000-block of Highway 91. A caller reported hearing a single gunshot, followed by a motorcycle speeding off.

Deputies located the motorcycle on CR 131. They made contact with the suspect, Wesley Pierce. Pierce claimed his motorcycle had backfired, sounding like a gunshot. Pierce, on probation, was searched. The search led authorities to find $25,000 worth of suspected methamphetamine. A stolen Smith & Wesson 40 caliber handgun was also recovered.

Pierce. Source: CCSO

Wesley H. Pierce, 45, of Jonesboro, was arrested. He faces several felonies, including trafficking drugs, theft by receiving (firearm), possession of drugs and guns, and drug possession itself. He faces up to life in prison, the maximum sentence for the trafficking and simultaneous possession charges. A $250,000 cash bond requirement was set for his release.

The sheriff’s department credited deputies Taylor Iglehart and Cody Ladner for the bust.

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