Shooting Sports Complex ready for soft opening

The Jonesboro Shooting Sports Complex is partially complete, and the fields ready for use will open beginning Wednesday, Sept. 22.

The 200-yard rifle range, the 50-yard pistol range, three trap/skeet fields, a 70-yard archery range, and a 50-yard archery range will all be open to the public.

“This project is ongoing, and CWL just put electricity in last week,” Mayor Harold Copenhaver said. “But because so much is already useable, we want the shooting enthusiasts who have been excited about this project for so long to be able to use what is available.”

Shooting Sports hours will be 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday. The location is 3702 Moore Road in southeast Jonesboro. The road extension is new, so those unfamiliar with it should know to follow Moore Road until it dead ends at the complex.

A video on the new complex was released by JPD several days ago.

You can read more about the Shooting Sports Complex by going to and searching for “Shooting Sports Complex.”

This state-of-the-art facility will offer shooters and archers a safe place to practice and enjoy their sport. Other amenities, including six more trap/skeet fields, are still under construction.

The facility will be staffed by Jonesboro Parks and Recreation. Police Chief Rick Elliott has led the effort to obtain sponsorships and donors to help grow the range with as little impact on taxpayers as possible.

The Jonesboro Shooting Sports Complex continues to seek public-private partnerships to help continue to bring this project to life.

“As we’ve discussed from the beginning, this project was designed to be done in phases,” Elliott said. “We have enough completed so the public can start enjoying this fantastic facility. Meanwhile, progress on the rest is being made on a weekly basis.”

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