Positivity rate continues downward trend – but is still high, NEA Baptist weekly report shows

As of Monday morning, NEA Baptist health system reported they have 65 COVID patients at NEA Baptist with 15 of those being on a ventilator. Over the past 7 days, they have seen a positivity rate of 18.7% on a total of 1,737 tests. The last week of August, the rate was over 20%.

“This is good news as it continues to trend slowly in the right direction,” said Ty Jones with NEA Baptist.

88% of COVID patients within the hospital are unvaccinated. This data factually demonstrates the overall benefit of getting the vaccine when weighed against the serious health risks of COVID.

“I realize the data we release is telling the story, but maybe these graphs from the CDC will also properly represent the effectiveness of the vaccine,” Jones wrote in a media update, including the following graphic:

The hospital urged the public to continue its best efforts at overcoming the pandemic. It could be weeks or months before the hospital’s ICU capacity returns to normal, the release said.

Length of stay specifically with patients in an ICU level of care is the contributing factor for this. It takes many days for a patient with severe symptoms to recover to the point where they can safely be transferred to the floor. Even longer for the patient to be to a point where they may safely discharge to their home. While we continue to house a high number of COVID patients, there are still many patients without COVID who need an ICU bed. We have accepted patients from all across the south and Midwest as ICU capacity remains an issue nationwide.

Ty Jones, NEA Baptist Public Relations

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