Positivity rate increases – along with vaccinations – NEA Baptist reports

NEA Baptist released their latest COVID numbers on Monday, August 2, for the week between July 26 and August 1. Although more positive cases are popping up, the latest release showed vaccinations are increasing as well.

The hospital continues to see the testing demand increase as more Northeast Arkansas residents show symptoms of COVID, the Monday morning release said.

“Like the previous week, the majority of our testing is still in the outpatient setting and we continue to test all inpatients upon admission to NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital,” wrote Ty Jones, director of marketing with NEA.

Below is positivity data for the week of July 26 – August 1 as it compares to the previous week (July 19-25).

Total Tests: 1728
*Nearly 300 more tests administered over last week

Positivity Rate: 21.6%
*Compared to 17.4% between 7/19-25.

The patient population at NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital has a positivity rate of 34.5% which serves as a snapshot of patients admitted currently, not an average.

NEA currently has a total of 47 patients positive for COVID-19. 17 of those patients are in Intensive Care at this time with 12 being treated with a ventilator or bilevel positive airway pressure.

87.2% of currently hospitalized patients with COVID-19 are unvaccinated, according to the hospital.

“We are pleased to see a rise in vaccinations around the community,” Jones said in the media update. “Vaccinations have gone up 10% last week over the week previous. We continue to offer vaccinations Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 in our main clinic lobby and in all NEA Baptist Primary Care locations.”

The hospital said it has not yet activated their multi-level surge plan, but they have the ability to expand capacity to care for additional COVID positive patients if the need arises.

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