Jonesboro mayor announces trash sweep

You might want to clean up that yard.

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Copenhaver announced Tuesday that City Code Enforcement officers will begin directed-patrol sweeps throughout the city on a monthly basis.

The sweeps come after more than 40 tons of trash, debris, and waste – including appliances, old tires and furniture – were removed in the past two months at a half dozen Saturday cleanups.

“We have done a lot of work in clean-ups across the city,” Copenhaver said. “If property owners have not taken advantage of these opportunities, they should take the time to get things in order. Multiple departments and multiple neighborhoods have done a lot of work, and we need to remove blight in our city.”

The first sweep will begin Monday in the West End neighborhood, and Code Enforcement Director Mike Tyner said officers will address code violations, distribute warnings, and in cases of major violations issue court citations.

“We will address tall grass, inoperative vehicles, unsightly and unsanitary conditions, and unlawful storage,” Tyner said.

The goal is a neighborhood-by-neighborhood approach to do what Code Enforcement does on a daily basis, Copenhaver said. But the sweeps are designed to ensure no violators are overlooked.

“This is a more focused attack on blight,” Copenhaver said. “We have a large city that unfortunately includes some home and business owners who, for whatever reason, haven’t kept their properties in good condition.

“Blight is not only unsightly but causes vermin, mosquitos, snakes, spiders and public health risks. An old tire, for instance, can breed thousands of mosquitos.”

Elderly and others with physical limitations can call the Code Enforcement office at 870-933-4658 or email for assistance.

Any property issued a warning ticket will have enough time to correct the violation before a second sweep through the neighborhood, at which time citations will be issued.


    • There’s a bus stop in front my house,that creates litter, illegal parking, and roadbed damage. Please consider ovious problem s

  1. Mayor, I thank you for what the help city is doing to keep our city nice and respectful. My neighborhood, I believe, is always well kept and yards mowed. Here on Melody Lane, we have 6 homes that have been remodeled and all sold very quickly. Location, Location, behind Jonesboro High School, Preschool 3 blocks away, South School 4 blocks away, and Annie about 8 blocks away. We have a yearly $th. of July Parade each year, now 14 years. Chief Miller has always made plans for us to have a fire truck of some sort every year. Unfortunately, some departments heads only are talked about when something goes wrong. I wish you would personally thank Chief Miller from the Citizens in the Lane; we have roughly 250 participated in this year’s parade.

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