Woman attacked, tires slashed downtown; Attempted ATM theft; More weekend police reports from JPD

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

A report said a suspect stole a vehicle and then wrecked it on at about 9:03 AM on 11/27  at the 200-block of Scott Street in Jonesboro.

Between 9:30 AM on 11/26 and the same time on 11/27, a suspect appeared to attempt to break in and steal an ATM from the Old Time Flea Market, 3502 E. Nettleton Avenue in Jonesboro. Approximately $6,500 in damages were caused.

A commercial burglary happened between 11/25 and 11/27 at the 3900-block of Harrisburg Road, the Jonesboro Memorial Park Cemetery’s shop building. A felony amount of property was also stolen.

A report on the morning of 11/27 at Dillards in Jonesboro said a suspect was allegedly caught concealing merchandise and removing the tags. Melody Anne Moomey, 43, of Jonesboro, was arrested, the report said.

Shortly after 3:30 PM on 11/27, an officer observed a blue van traveling east on E. Johnson Avenue and “the driver was scrolling through Instagram for several blocks.” The officer initiated a traffic stop and found suspected meth, a FTA warrant, and a joint. A felony tampering with evidence charge was also added. Robin David Prine, 38, and Cindy Charise Johnson, 37, were arrested.

A residential burglary was reported between 11/26 (8 PM) and 11/27 (3 PM) at the 200-block of East Word Avenue. A theft also occurred.

A report around 11 PM on the night of 11/27 at the 200-block of Wolf Den Drive said a suspect, an ex-boyfriend, entered a victim’s home, threatened two people with a firearm and discharged the firearm. Four juveniles under the age of 18 were reportedly in the home. James A. Speed, 34, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

A man who has previously been in the news for violent criminal incidents once again ended up in jail over the weekend. Bobby Joe Nutt, 38, of Jonesboro, is alleged to have thrown a victim on the ground and slashed the victim’s tires. The victim is a 27-year-old woman. The police report states that the incident took place at 201 South Main Street – Cregeen’s pub. Nutt was arrested for third degree assault and first degree criminal mischief.

A residential burglary was reported in the early morning hours of 11/28 at the 2300-block of Brazos Street where a suspect broke the back door window and entered a residence of a home. Residents said a black male with a white shirt entered the home but ran off when he saw one of the residents.

At least two vehicle break-ins happened between 11/27 and 11/28 at the 300-block of North Drake Street. Another was reported at the 300-block of N. Bridge Street during the same time frame.

A residential burglary was reported between 11/26 and 11/28 at the 2200-block of Conrad Drive. A suspect reportedly broke into the residence and urinated on furniture.

A home was broken into between 11/27 and 11/28 at the 600-block of Flint Street with a firearm being stolen.

A work trailer was stolen from a shop parking lot at the 3100-block of Colony Drive the morning of 11/28.

A lock was cut and trailer stolen at the 5800-block of Harrisburg Drive, a report around 1 PM on 11/29 said.

A report made around 2:40 PM on 11/28 said several spent shell casings to a .45 caliber gun were found in the roadway at the 1200-block of S. Main Street.

A report of arson against a residence was made on the afternoon of 11/28 at the 1200-block of E. Washington Avenue. Venissa Miller Payne, 39, was arrested.

A report around 6 PM on 11/28 alleged a suspect rammed his vehicle into the rear end of a victim’s vehicle, constituting aggravated assault, at Church and Bradley.

A man was arrested early morning around 1 AM on 11/29 at the 1900-block of W. Matthews Avenue after he allegedly called 911 dispatch and said he was going to beat someone to death. James Earl Williams, 57, was arrested for felony first degree terroristic threatening. The report said alcohol/drugs are suspected.

A residential burglary was reported around 8 AM on 11/29 at the 500-block of N. Caraway Road involving the violation of a no contact order.

A man was arrested in a report that said he allegedly punched and choked a female victim until she could not breathe. After 6:30 PM at the 2900-block of Phillips Drive, Arthur Lee Hughes, 33, of Jonesboro, was arrested for aggravated assault on a family or household member.

A residential burglary was reported between 3 PM on 11/28 and 10 PM on 11/29 where three televisions and a cross bow were stolen.

An arrestee is alleged to have choked and threatened to kill a female victim on the night off 11/29 at the 4700-block of Colony Drive. Between 9:50 PM and 11:17 PM, Michael Antonio Cummings, 31, of Jonesboro, was arrested on felony charges of terroristic threatening and aggravated assault.

A man’s blue 2005 Ford F-150 was stolen while it was started and warming up around 5:30 AM on 11/30 in Jonesboro.

Several vehicle break-ins were reported around Jonesboro Monday morning (11/30) as well.

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