More on Wednesday shooting; Yard signs being stolen; Robbery at gunpoint at apartment; More reports released Thursday and Friday

Reports released Thursday

Vehicle Break-Ins (Also includes Friday’s reports)

  • A vehicle-break in was reported around 1 PM Wednesday at the 4200-block of Blair Cove; A firearm was stolen from the vehicle
  • A report filed after 2 PM Wednesday said a vehicle was illegally entered and firearm stolen at the 4500-block of Montego Bay
  • Late Wednesday/Thursday morning, a window was broken to a car at the 1500-block of Charles Road and the car pilfered

A residential burglary was reported Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at the 200-block of Pecan Street. About $280 in cash was taken.

Yard signs are reportedly being stolen in Jonesboro, an online report said, including at locations at the 500-block of Ridgecrest, the 500-block of E. Philadelphia, and other locations. Another report indicated a political yard sign was stolen from the 1100-block of Warner Avenue recently.

A stabbing was investigated Wednesday afternoon at the 3500-block of Race Street. The suspect, a woman in her mid-30s, allegedly stabbed the victim in the shoulder. Detectives were investigating.

Sometime between 1 AM and 7:30 AM Wednesday, someone broke into a residence at the 700-block of Tawn Drive and stole a stainless steel refrigerator.

Victim shot in the head Wednesday evening

The shooting incident previously reported here involved a serious injury, as we learn more from a police report released this week.

It happened between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM at the 700-block of Labaurne Street. James Austin Smith, 45, of Jonesboro, suffered a gunshot wound to the jaw, the report said, causing loss of teeth, broken bones, and other major injuries.

The suspect is not identified in the report but his information reads as follows: Dark complexion, medium black hair (afro/natural), straight teeth, brown eyes, medium build, 5’8″ 200 pounds.

Two vehicles suffered damage during the shooting from bullets. It’s not clear if the shootings took place in or near the vehicles.

A report indicated a shooting incident sometime around 9 PM Wednesday at the intersection of Oakhurst Street and Gee Street. A black male in a black passenger car fired shots into a victim’s vehicle as she drove down the road, the police report said. Authorities are reviewing Skycop video.

Reports released Friday

A vehicle was stolen from a residence at the 300-block of S. Nisbett between Wednesday and Thursday. It was a gray Toyota Scion, 2013.

A victim’s lawn mower was stolen from the 2900-block of Casey Springs Road, a report Thursday afternoon said. It was a 48-inch cut riding mower, John Deere, green in color.

A parole search at the 1500-block of Danny Drive on Thursday led to three arrests for drugs including meth by the Street Crimes Unit. At about 12:48 PM, investigators conducted the probable cause/parole search at the address. After Brandon Dale Dawson, 38, of Leachville, reportedly fled on sight of law enforcement, officers gave chase and ended up arresting him, Candy S. Crawford, 40, of Jonesboro, and Charles E. Lawrence, 39, of Jonesboro.

A litany of failure to appear arrests and citations have been in the news lately. Reminder: If you have a felony failure to appear, a very rare and valuable opportunity is happening on October 1 for you to get amnesty for your charge. Read more here.

A thief stole a work van belonging to Denver’s Refrigeration from the 2300-block of East Parker Road, a report filed before 4 PM Thursday said. It was a white four-door work van with Denver’s Refrigeration on the side. What’s worse is, the vehicle contained an estimated $15,000 in work tools and equipment. The report says the vehicle was recovered in Trumann – and it was totaled.

A residential burglary was discovered to have occurred at the 1800-block of Greensboro Road dating back to as early as July 27.

A report filed on Thursday alleged a kidnapping and rape took place the night of September 21 and into the morning of September 22. The report, which is mostly masked, alleges a suspect forced a victim to have sex with him.

A suspect was arrested early Friday in Jonesboro with two pounds of weed and 244 pills believed to be Gabapentin. At 12:45 AM Friday, officers observed a white male carrying a grocery sack walking by the Race Street Market. Officers identified the man as Derrick W. Metz, 38, and on probation. Police asked him if he had anything he shouldn’t. The man said he had two pounds of weed on him and officers later found the pills. He was arrested.

An aggravated robbery report early Friday in Jonesboro indicated that a suspect entered a man’s home and robbed him at gunpoint. It happened sometime around or after 1 AM at the 1800-block of East Johnson Avenue at an apartment. Approximately $1,000 was stolen, along with an iPhone. The suspect’s identity was masked, listed only as a 28-year-old African American male.

A 2:30 AM noise complaint regarding a man who was outside at the 2500-block of East Johnson shouting “I have Addies, I have Addies” ended with the man being arrested for drug dealing charges. Keyonta King, 27, of Jonesboro, was arrested for three possession with intent to deliver charges.

A man faces a felony charge for allegedly assaulting an officer while resisting arrest early Friday in Jonesboro. At 4:49 AM, police were dispatched to the Marriott Hotel in reference to a suspicious person. Police were told a 26-year-old man was acting strange, trying to come behind the desk, and appearing to be on drugs. Officers spoke to the man, Temmiothy Duviel Johnson, 26, of Pine Bluff, and reported him to be paranoid and acting erratic. The man was escorted outside to be met by EMS but a fight ensued with police that involved him being arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, public intox, and felony battery of an officer.



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  2. Saddest part of all this crap is that the perps have been detained multiple times in the past and just let go to do worse each time. Little to no penalties gives them no reason to behave their stupid selves. Instead of letting everything go all together or calling it a misdemeanor at least make the sob’s pay big fines instead of keeping on raising taxes on the victims.

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