Shots fired early Friday in Jonesboro; Multiple forgery reports at local banks; Other reports released Friday by JPD

A Jonesboro Police Department patrol car. Photo by Stan Morris.

Reports released Friday by JPD

Reports alleged that a suspect or suspects attempted to cash forged checks Thursday morning at various banking locations, including Focus Bank on Red Wolf, Simmons Bank on Caraway, and Arvest Bank on Southwest Drive – all in Jonesboro.

A least/rented vehicle was sold without the owners permission, a report filed around 11 AM Thursday at the 2200-block of Circle Drive said.

Someone shot out the back window of a vehicle with a BB gun at the 1500-block of Pratt Circle between 9/5 and 9/17.

Another catalytic converter theft was reported in Jonesboro. The latest happened between Tuesday and Thursday at the 4900-block of East Highland Drive. A work truck was the target.

Between 1:30 PM and 2 PM at the 400-block of West Forrest Street, police made an arrest for possession of drugs with intent to deliver, including meth. The only name visible in the portion of the report we could access was Wilma Gene Andrews, 33, of Jonesboro.

A report filed Thursday alleged rape from earlier in the year at a masked location in Jonesboro. The report, being investigated under felony charges including rape and terroristic threatening, says that a suspect forced sexual relations with a victim. The date of the alleged incident was as early as February 1, 2020.

A Bono woman was arrested for allegedly trying to shoplift $269 worth of items from Walmart on Highland Drive Thursday. Cynthia Johnson, 50, of Bono, was arrested.

Police responded to several calls regarding shots heard early Friday morning in Jonesboro. Around 2 AM was when the calls began coming in. Police investigated near the 100-block of Daybreak Drive and found spent shell casings on the scene. No other information was available.


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    • You’re preaching to the choir, Jordan. The few of us left who are not doing the crimes see it and keep begging for better law enforcement but all the Aholes want is to keep raising taxes and doing a big stinking load of nuthin’!

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