Woman reports attack while running at the park; Other reports released Tuesday and Wednesday by JPD

JONESBORO, Ark. – A concerning report filed with JPD this week indicated that a woman who was jogging at the park was knocked unconscious by an unknown attacker in the middle of the day (see below).

Reports released Tuesday and Wednesday by JPD

Suspects attempted to break into a storage building early Monday at the 900-block of Park Avenue

Two vehicle break-in reports were taken in reports over the past several days: Between Sunday and Monday at the 3400-block of Timms Street; and early Wednesday at the 700-block of Scott Street.

A traffic stop for a passenger not wearing his seat belt resulted in a felony arrest Monday morning around 11 AM near Jefferson and Main Street. April Ann Johnson, 39, of Jonesboro, was arrested for theft by receiving for being allegedly in possession of a stolen vehicle. She had a felony warrant for her arrest and no license, too.

A commercial burglary report was made around noon Monday at the 300-block of Reeves Street. Someone had broken into the business over the weekend and smashed the security keypad, the report said, taking nothing else.

A residential burglary report filed Monday detailed an incident between August 7 and August 8 at the 1900-block of Oakwood Circle.

A man was arrested Monday afternoon for being in possession of counterfeit methamphetamine. Shortly after 1 PM at the intersection of Gee and Washington, Eric Antonio George, 40, of Jonesboro, was arrested. After authorities made contact, he told them the baggie actually had Epsom salt inside.

Woman reports attack while running at city park

Police are conducting a felony stalking investigation that includes other charges after a suspect is alleged to have attacked a woman from behind while she ran through a city park on Monday.

Shortly before 3 PM, police were sent to the 600-block of Forest Park Drive in reference to an assault that had already occurred. The female victim was visibly injured and shaken up.

After noticeable apprehension from the upset victim, she described what occurred to her. She said she was running on one of the bike trails inside of the woods when someone attacked her from behind. She never heard or saw the suspect approaching. She was knocked unconscious. When she came to, she ran to her car to call for help.

The reported victim could not determine if the attacker was male or female. Detectives were assigned the case for investigation.

NEA Report checked in with JPD Wednesday afternoon and the case was still an active investigation.

A tree that was cut down ended up striking a power-line pole and resulting in damage to houses Monday at the 1600-block of Ethel Street. Police were investigating the case.

A suspect who allegedly parked a stolen vehicle Monday evening was contacted by police – but fled the scene. After chase, he was apprehended. Coradell Vanta Sims, 32, of Horn Lake, MS, was arrested before 7 PM at the 4900-block of Highland Park Circle.

A woman reported her daughter’s boyfriend pulled a gun on her and threatened her life after 11 PM Monday at the 400-block of W. Forrest Street.

A camper trailer was reported stolen Tuesday from the 2500-block of Washington Avenue. Owned by Olympus Construction, the trailer is estimated to be valued at $14,000.

A residential burglary targeted a newly finished apartment sometime between Monday night and Tuesday at the 1800-block of Kendal Street. A window was broken. Appliances were stolen during the theft.

A registered sex offender was arrested for living at an address different from where he was registered. Willie Lee Watson, 34, of Jonesboro, was taken into custody around 12:30 PM at JPD after meeting with police.

A storage building break-in was reported between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning at the 2600-block of Oakbrook Drive.





  1. So it couldn’t have been someone accidentally hit her with their bike after all she was on the bike trail?

  2. Good old Jonesboro, nothing but criminals and unabated crimes. This is happening all over the Country because of the demonic liberal demmocrats. Apparently people aren’t paying attention, not even when they are attacked, robbed and beaten.

  3. Did you know that in craighead county , you can punch a 58 year old veteran in the face and the police department Is Not allowed to make an arrest ? This happened to me last night… I was told by an officer that they had to witness it themselves and see a visible mark on my body !?;? Wish that I was never a member of the US Army , and never an American citizen !

    • If this is true, you got a bad cop. You have on-line access. JPD has a site on line where you can report crimes and report bad or good officers. If this really happened, I hope you will do something about it. The current administration is way too easy on crime and criminals. They do NOT have to witness an assault, etc. They are always posting video footage of crimes/criminals and asking the public to report who the thugs are, etc. Stand up for yourself. The more the crooks get away with the more crimes they commit and the more an officer gets away with doing nothing when they should do something the worse they become.

      The main reason I doubt your veracity is your claim to wish to have never been a member of the military and never an American citizen; neither of those sentiments even begins to make any sense.

      • The entire police department is corrupt, to include the sheriff’s department. Can’t even find a good doctor in Craighead county!

        • Gotta agree with you about the sheriff’s dept. but city’s got some good cops just bad mgt. There’s always a bad apple in any big barrel but the problem is the uppers not the officers. How you mash the law with the crappy docs in this town is kind of weird.

  4. Personally I’ve noticed a lot of improvement in Jonesboro over the past few years. Half as many incidents but three times as many are getting reported. Regardless it’s best to stay vigilant. The most crime happens in places where the residents refuse to “snitch”.

    • If you think Jonesboro has improved over the past few years then you need to take that mental cognitive test and get your eyes checked too. “Snitch” is an archaic term used by criminals dealing in drugs back in the ’70’s and carried forward by small minded people who have a lot to hide. Law enforcement can only do its job if law-abiding citizens work with them, including reporting crimes and suspicious activities. God knows Jonesboro is a cesspool of criminals and crime.

  5. Great news , now available in Paganboro Arkansas… The servants of Satan can purchase liquor at the Malco theater. Dry county,no, devil county. These rich pagans are gonna bring down the wrath of God upon the entire community with this! Next thing you know, the Malco will start showing Porn and selling CBD products!

    • Pretty amazing, isn’t it, Stuart? With all the crime (only the criminals claim it’s not bad) the powers that be decide to allow even more drugs (alcohol is a drug) to be dispensed to the public in general. We stopped going to the theater because the audience was so out of control years ago and one can only imagine how much worse it’s going to be when they are all drunk out of their minds too (some already brought their own, of course) and then stagger out to their cars and get on the road. Same problem with all these restaurants that serve booze but all this administration in Jonesboro cares about is serving lost people what they, themselves, want — destruction.

      • Yes…. Spiritually blind,deaf, and dumb.
        However, I was like that before the awakening or quickening if you will. How frustrating and painful it is to my soul,to posses the cure ,for cancer of the soul,and be ignored, mocked and despised, even hated.
        I could not be more blessed,more awake, more vigilant,more determined, than I am now…To Stay On Mission ,until I take my very last breath in this wicked, enslaving, deluding world!

        • Well, folks, God Himself warned us that evil people hated Him and we should be ready for the evil people to hate us when we love Him and do our best to live the way He told us was good. The liberal demoncrats hate Him and hate us and anybody who supports evil will be crushed by it in God’s time.

  6. I cannot believe that anybody would lie and say Jonesboro is getting better. Do you even know any of the police officers who have to deal with the scum of the earth every day in Jonesboro? Young and old and everything in between. The courts are so flooded with evil creatures that they’re getting more like NYC every day and just turning people loose and more and more the officers don’t do anything because nothing is done even if they make arrests. Only a terrible criminal type person would try to say that situation is good in any way.

    • Yep, you hear the filthy sociopaths screaming every 4 letter word known to man, night and day, public and private and nobody does a thing about it. Great parenting, huh?

      • The Man here don’t take none of that serious Gus. There own kids is doing that stuff and worse. Not hard to see why Jboro is bad as what you are seeing on the news in other places but the peole that need to be telling it dont want to tell the truth about this stink hole town.

        • I wonder if Stan Morris is catching flack about posting these reports? They seem to be dwindling in frequency and completeness. Too bad. The dwindling law-abiding segment of Jonesboro really needs and wants to know what is going on.

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