Several vehicle break-ins reported Friday and Saturday; Other police reports from Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. – Police remained busy over the weekend in Jonesboro.

Reports from Friday and Saturday

A vehicle break-in happened between 8 and 9 AM Friday at the 300-block of North Rogers. Money was stolen.

A vehicle break-in involving a rock going through a window happened between Thursday and Friday morning at the 700-block of Warner Avenue.

Another car window was busted and the vehicle burglarized sometime Friday morning at the 2000-block of Alex Drive.

Regions Bank contacted police about two suspects in the drive-thru lane trying to cash a fraudulent check on a frozen account at about 8:30 AM Friday at 2400 East Highland Drive. It’s not clear if arrests were made. The check was in the amount of $4,700.

A vehicle break-in was reported between 9 and 10 AM at the 2000-block of Belt Street. A gun was stolen during this incident.

Numerous new unemployment fraud reports continued to be filed with the Jonesboro Police Department.

A catalytic converter was stolen off a company truck at Fastenal between Thursday and Friday at the 5900-block of East Highland Drive.

A victim in a car reported a suspect hit her with her vehicle twice around noon at the 600-block of Marshall Street.

A woman reported her vehicle was sold by her boyfriend without her knowledge between July 4 and July 17, the report on Friday said.

A vehicle break-in and gun theft happened between Thursday night and Friday at the 2000-block of Pine Valley Lane.

A woman was found passed out in the drivers seat of a vehicle Friday evening, around 7:40 PM, at the 700-block of Southwest Drive. She was believed to have overdosed and was found with several handguns. She was arrested on several felony drug charges that included intent to deliver.

A suspect smoking marijuana in his vehicle was found by police to also be on parole and in possession of meth. It happened just before 10 PM at the 3500-block of Race Street. He was arrested.

A woman called police to report her boyfriend beat her and attempted to run over her with a vehicle after 3 AM Saturday at the 1400-block of Madison St. It was being investigated.

A boat and a camper were stolen between July 10 and July 10 at the 1600-block of Winchester Drive. The trailer was 14 feet and black in color. The boat on it was a “Lowe Jon Boat.” The camper was a JAYCO Inc. pop-up camper, white with teal stripes and a black luggage rack with a hitch on the rear.

A suspect who had weed and paraphernalia in the car fled a traffic stop Saturday afternoon around 4 PM at the intersection of Dan Avenue/Gee/Johnson. He had no insurance, warrants, and also resisted arrest, the report said.

Note: Most of our Monday reports also include Sunday’s incidents but those files have not yet been released as of 3 PM Monday due to software issues, according to JPD.

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  1. These crime reports are the most worthwhile part of your site but we haven’t gotten one in almost two weeks (after getting 2-3 per week before). What’s up?

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