Jonesboro mayor wants resolution recommending face masks

JONESBORO, Ark. – Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin announced Thursday evening that he is asking for a resolution requiring face masks to be worn inside public spaces and businesses in Jonesboro.

From Mayor Perrin:

With the threat of impending spikes of COVID-19 in Jonesboro, I am now asking City Attorney Carol Duncan to create a resolution recommending face coverings in indoor public spaces and businesses in the city limits of Jonesboro.

By state law, it will be some version of the model ordinance sent by the governor and the Municipal League, but Jonesboro will not have neighbors reporting on one another to police.

I simply want to support businesses and encourage them to enforce mask policies with their customers — as most already have in place.

I want Jonesboro to stay safe and avoid the outbreak that has ravaged so many cities in Arkansas, the nation and the world.

The resolution will need to be passed by the city council. 

However, despite the initial statement stating it would “require face coverings,” a resolution is merely an official opinion given of the council. It would need to be an ordinance to be an enforceable law. 

The statement was later amended to state that the resolution would recommend – not require – masks.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story mistakenly said resolution would become law if passed, but this is incorrect. Ordinances become law. Resolutions do not. We regret the error. 



  1. Perrin knows his job is on the line this elected yr. He’s trying everything he can to get re-elected I hope that doesn’t happen.

    • I agree with you but after seeing the criminals that keep getting re-elected (like Biden 40 years of corruption) the only real hope is for decent, moral, intelligent people to get together and vote out the problems. Crime is out of control in Jonesboro at every level. When the criminals are in the majority the government is criminal.

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