Man tries to fight judge; Shots fired during road rage; Plus other reports released Thursday by JPD

JONESBORO, Ark. – In what may be one of the more bizarre police reports filed by an officer recently in Jonesboro, an angry man showed up to the Justice Complex (which includes district court) and asked to see “the judge” because he wanted to fight him.

It happened between 3:20 PM and 4 PM Tuesday at 410 West Washington Avenue. The man showed up to the Justice Complex and began shouting to see the judge. It’s uncertain which district court judge the angry man was referencing. The upset man refused to exit when asked. A uniformed officer working in the nearby warrants division heard the commotion and came out into the lobby.

Officer Michael McQuay said the judge was gone for the day but the upset man responded, “Tell the judge he can step down from the bench and we can go.”

The officer asked him to repeat that – as he turned on his body cam.

“Me and the judge can go!” the angry man said, according to the officer.

The angry man tried to walk around the officer but the officer told him repeatedly to leave. The man, at one point, allegedly told the officer, “I’ll take your gun.” The officer said he did not want to increase the tension so his only response after confirming what he heard was “okay.” The officer felt like the angry man was eyeing his gun as though he was going to grab it.

The angry man began saying he had “freedoms” and the right to go where he wanted but the officer stopped him from going back into the building. Officers asked for his ID, learning of his name at that point. After getting a return on his ID from dispatch, officers told the man to leave and he finally did.

Road rage gunfire

A suspect is alleged to have fired a gun at victims hitting two vehicles during a road rage incident around 9:30 AM Thursday morning at the 1900-block of Greensboro Road in Jonesboro.

Although the investigative narrative is masked while the case is under investigation, the report shows two vehicles were shot by a suspect in a black four-door smaller SUV with paper tags. It wasn’t clear what sparked the tensions. No arrests were listed in the report.

Gun found at Chili’s thought to be from fleeing suspect

A handgun was found Wednesday morning around 11 AM by management on top of a trash bin at Chili’s, 1900-Red Wolf in Jonesboro.

Authorities grouped the report with an incident from early Wednesday morning, 12:26 AM, when Officer Tanner Huff observed a black 2019 Jeep Compass traveling east on Highland Drive with no tail lights. He found the tags to be expired in April and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.

The police report said the suspect fled from the traffic stop on foot near Chick Fil A, 1800-Red Wolf. However, the report said he was arrested. Dominique T. Warren, 29, of Forrest City was arrested on an out of town warrant and several misdemeanor charges.

Gun pulled during traffic stop, woman reports

A traffic dispute became heated to the point where a woman said a man pulled out a gun and pointed it at her Wednesday in Jonesboro.

It happened around 11 AM at the 200-block of East Cherry. The victim said she and her brother were pulling out when a white Dodge Charger was trying to pull out and she honked. That’s when she said the male suspect got out of the vehicle, said he wasn’t from around here, and began arguing with the woman. It became heated apparently, and the suspect allegedly pulled out a black semi auto style pistol and pointed it at the woman.

He then left the area with another man, driving toward Earl Bell on Church. The suspect was described as a black male with short hair, pants with a hole, and a patch on the knee of the pants. The man was limping, she said, and the car had temporary tags.

Police have no leads or suspects.

Man arrested for allegedly pulling gun and threatening victim

A report early Thursday morning in Jonesboro indicated a man was arrested on two felony charges after he was accused of pulling out a gun and threatening the victim.

Officers responded at about 2:20 AM to the 3000-block of Apache Drive in reference to a man with a gun. Most of the details of the report are masked as it is still under investigation. However, the MO alleges the arrestee pulled out a gun and threatened a victim, constituting felony aggravated assault on a household member and first degree terroristic threatening, in the arresting officer’s determination.

Clarence Warren, 37, of Jonesboro, was arrested.

Other reports released on Thursday

Someone busted out the window on a vehicle and stole a purse Wednesday morning before 9:32 AM at the 400-block of North Rogers Street in Jonesboro.

A 59-year-old man reported his debit card stolen by a woman, age 30-32, who had used it at various locations around town including two motels where it was declined. The man said he went to her home and asked for his card back. She didn’t say anything and handed it back to him, he said.

A vehicle break-in happened sometime between Tuesday night at 7 PM and Wednesday morning at 10 AM at the 700-block of West Oak Avenue in Jonesboro.

A vehicle break-in happened between 3:30 AM and noon Wednesday at the 1300-block of Madison where a suspect entered a vehicle and stole money.

Someone stole the catalytic converter from a 2008 Ford E 450 bus owned by First Christian Church, 2600 Woodsprings Road, sometime between May 1 and Wednesday.

Additional fraudulent unemployment claims were reported to JPD on Wednesday, as similarly described in previous reports. 

A woman reported a second degree sexual assault in the form of unwanted touching and sexual advances from earlier in the week. It is under investigation.

A woman reported her CashApp debit card, with her $1,200 stimulus payment still loaded, stolen along with other items sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday at the 700-block of Sims Avenue.

A vehicle break-in happened between Wednesday night and early Thursday at the 1300-block of South Main Street.

Another vehicle break-in was reported between around midnight and 7:30 AM Thursday at the 3200-block of Sun Circle. A purse was stolen.

Yet another vehicle break-in was reported early Thursday between 6 AM and 7 AM at the 3000-block of Dayton Avenue.

Two vehicles were reported stolen from the 1300-block of South Church Street sometime during the 4 AM hour. They were a black 2012 Hyundai Sonota and a silver 2013 Chevrolet Malibu.

Several reports this week, including multiple released Thursday, about vehicles being egged in Jonesboro.

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