April 21: Arkansas at 2,262 cases; 48 in Craighead County

There are 2,262 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 tested to date in Arkansas.

9:30 PM

Cumulative Confirmed Cases: 2,262

Deaths: 43

Recovered: 849

Total Active Cases: 1,370

As of 10 PM Monday, 670 inmates at Cummins had tested positive. At least 10 staff had tested positive. More tests were being performed Tuesday. These numbers were at least partially reflected in the overall case total but it was not clear how many had yet to be added.

9:30 PM

NEA County Numbers:

  • Randolph County: 14 positive, 8 recoveries, 207 negative
  • Clay County: 1 positive, 0 recoveries, 128 negative
  • Cleburne County: 71 positive, 51 recoveries, 128 negative, 4 deaths
  • Craighead County: 48 positive, 28 recoveries, 509 negative, 1 death
  • Crittenden County: 147 positive, 63 recoveries, 748 negative, 5 deaths
  • Fulton County: 0 positive, 0 recoveries, 31 negative
  • Greene County: 9 positive, 3 recoveries, 414 negative
  • Independence County: 8 positive, 4 recoveries, 141 negative
  • Jackson County: 1 positive, 1 recoveries, 46 negative
  • Lawrence County: 28 positive, 2 recoveries, 141 negative, 1 death
  • Mississippi County: 9 positive, 6 recoveries, 60 negative
  • Poinsett County: 11 positive, 6 recoveries, 63 negatives
  • Sharp County: 2 positives, 1 recoveries, 37 negative
  • Don’t see your county? Click here to find it on ADH’s map.

Measuring growth in active cases

Dr. Pat Carroll of Pocahontas is helping NEA Report keep track of how many new active cases are being reported of COVID-19 in Arkansas. Most recent dates do not reflect the outbreak at Cummins Unit.

These graphs are current through Monday.

Updated Monday night, April 20. Courtesy Dr. Pat Carroll
Updated Monday night, April 20. Courtesy Dr. Pat Carroll

9:30 PM

United States: 824,438 positive

45,039 have died.

Global: 2,563,384 positive

177,415 have died.

Source: Johns Hopkins University

President says he will suspend immigration

At 9:06 PM Monday night, President Trump announced he would be temporarily suspend immigration into the United States by executive order. Citing effects of the coronavirus on both the country and the economy, which has hemorrhaged jobs in the past several weeks, the president announced that he intends to suspend immigration into the United States.

Why haven’t you received your stimulus check yet?

A reported 80 million checks have been sent out by the federal government so far but more are on the way in the coming weeks, CNBC reports. The IRS will make new rounds of payments each week. The first round was reportedly for people with direct deposit information on file already from 2018 or 2019. Use the Get My Payment tool to update your information or check on the status of your payment. Read more from CNBC.

Tennesssee, Georgia, South Carolina to begin reopening

The stay-at-home order for Tennessee will end on April 30, Governor Bill Lee confirmed Monday. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said gyms and hair salons can begin reopening on Friday. South Carolina is also allowing nonessential businesses to begin reopening, as of 5 PM Monday. While restrictions are being eased, requirements for social distancing guidelines are still in place, meaning businesses should be taking steps to both separate customers and sanitize their facilities.

Read more from Fox News.

NEA funeral homes prep for COVID deaths

Services for those who have died during the COVID-19 outbreak, whether from the virus or from other causes, are being impacted by the mandate that no more than ten gather together. Read more from The Jonesboro Sun

This post will be updated throughout the day on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. Check back/refresh for the latest updates and numbers.

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