April 20: 1,971 cumulative cases in Arkansas;

As of Monday evening, there were 1,971 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 tested to date in Arkansas. However, this does not include all of the cases from the outbreak at Cummins Unit prison, which was at approximately 600, said Secretary of Health Dr. Nate Smith during the 1:30 PM press conference. Smith said some of these new tests were in the total – but not all – making the current total number difficult to estimate.*

7:30 PM

Cumulative Confirmed Cases: 1,971

Confirmed Cases at Cummins: “Approximately 600” (1:30 PM)

Confirmed Cases Total: Unknown*

Deaths: 42

Recovered: 797

Total Active Cases: Unknown*

Total Tested: Over 26,988

Saturday, 1,739 were reported to have COVID-19 in Arkansas. 230 additional positive cases were at Cummins Unit, a state prison in Lincoln County. On Sunday, those numbers increased to 1,781 across the state and 348 total positives at Cummins. Dr. Smith said these two numbers had not been combined, meaning Arkansas has 2,129 confirmed cases overall as of Sunday at 1:30 PM. The death count for the state rose from 38 on Saturday to 40 on Sunday. The two new deaths were under 65. One of the deaths was the state’s first healthcare worker to die from COVID-19. Dr. Smith refused to release information about the healthcare worker’s location “out of respect for the family.”

7:30 PM

NEA County Numbers:

  • Randolph County: 14 positive, 8 recoveries, 174 negative
  • Clay County: 1 positive, 0 recoveries, 117 negative
  • Cleburne County: 71 positive, 51 recoveries, 130 negative, 4 deaths
  • Craighead County: 44 positive, 28 recoveries, 426 negative, 1 death
  • Crittenden County: 142 positive, 55 recoveries, 686 negative, 5 deaths
  • Fulton County: 0 positive, 0 recoveries, 33 negative
  • Greene County: 8 positive, 3 recoveries, 401 negative
  • Independence County: 8 positive, 4 recoveries, 134 negative
  • Jackson County: 1 positive, 1 recoveries, 41 negative
  • Lawrence County: 26 positive, 1 recoveries, 138 negative, 1 death
  • Mississippi County: 9 positive, 6 recoveries, 50 negative
  • Poinsett County: 10 positive, 5 recoveries, 46 negatives
  • Sharp County: 2 positives, 1 recoveries, 28 negative
  • Don’t see your county? Click here to find it on ADH’s map.

7:30 PM

United States: 784,326 positive

42,094 have died.

Global: 2,472,259 positive

169,986 have died.

Source: Johns Hopkins University

Arkansas COVID-19 update at 1:30 PM

As is the norm during these events, the Arkansas governor will give a press conference from the state capitol.


Sweden’s unusual plan may have worked

Sweden left its schools, cafes, gyms, bars, and restaurants open throughout the spread of the pandemic and instead, urged citizens to act with responsibility, following social distancing guidelines and such. While they’ve reported more deaths than any Scandinavian nation, they’re also reporting the situation is beginning to stabilize. Read more from Bloomberg.

Biotech firm to test existing medicines on coronavirus patients

Alexion Pharmaceuticals announced Monday it would begin re-purposing existing medicines as potential therapies for patients suffering from COVID-19. They’re testing two drugs, Soliris and Ultomiris, to see if they could help with lung injuries or inflammation. However, those two drugs are among the most expensive in the world, Barrons reports – $500,000 a year for Soliris and slightly less for Ultomiris. Read more from Barrons.

Facebook rolls out new map that tracks symptoms of COVID and not just positive tests

A new map released by Facebook using data surveyed by researchers to track those with symptoms – and not just those with confirmed positive cases.

“Facebook is uniquely suited to run these surveys because we serve a global community of billions of people and can do statistically accurate sampling,” wrote CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “We do this in a privacy protective way where only the researchers at Carnegie Mellon see individual survey responses — and Facebook only sees aggregated data.”

12:45 PM

St. Bernards: No visitors (with exceptions)

This article will be updated throughout the day on Monday, April 20 with COVID-19 related headlines. Check back and refresh for the very latest news and numbers.

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